The body language of flirting comes from the way you act and move around other people. You can get better at reading body language with flirting if you know where to look for certain signals. For example, one of the most common signals is eye contact. It’s one of the best ways to tell when someone has interest in you, but it isn’t the only way. If a woman is interested in you, she may also lick her lips, play with her hair or touch her neck.

I wrote in a previous article about the basic meaning of flirting in order to help you get your understanding of the communication process going.

Now, I will turn to discuss which deals with the performance of flirting by women, and how it is Done both in real life and Internet Dating Services.

The performance of flirting can be broken down into 3 acts, each act giving you a specific method of flirting and communicating.

  • The first act, which occurs when you see a woman you would like to meet, is called the initial approach or the ice-breaker. This is where you SMILE! Don’t be shy! No SVisual or verbal clues are shared during this first interaction, you are simply and directly (as opposed to covertly) approaching a woman to initiate a conversation.
  • The next act is called further contact or interaction. Here, you share some more information about yourself, including: your name, your phone number, the place where you work, and anything else you feel comfortable revealing about yourself.
  • Finally, you get to share a final personal detail, such as your fears, your goals, your hopes, and anything else you would like to discuss with a stranger, positive or negative. This personal detail is essential in determining whether or not you and her should proceed to conversation or not, or whether you should allow things to proceed to a disagreement.

The performance of flirting can be broken down further, and it is further complicated by the different types of flirting styles, behavior and body-language of men and women. Women flirt differently then men. Below are some non-verbal gestures and behaviors of Women that can help you judge when a Woman is interested in you.

Non-verbal Gestures of Women That Can Help You Decide If She is Interested in You

Women who flirt with you let you know clearly that they feel an attraction to you. Some of the more obvious signs include:

Sudden Spots

While you are having a conversation with a woman, if she is BOLD and starts suddenly flashing around her hand, her body and her desires at you very quickly, then it is a strong indication that she is very attracted to you. This transition from initial non-verbal gestures ofeness to actual words being spoken is a very strong flirting sign, even just on a subtle level. I odn’t say this tactic is one that should be used too frequently, as it can easily blend in with other methods of flirting. But, it is definitely powerful enough to focus you without being overpowering.

Use Subtle Questions

The final version of flirting, which is the most powerful, is finding a conversation opener that is clever and that includes your criteria, such as “I like to visit the park at sunset. My girlfriend gets scared the moment she sees the bears in the distance.” This method is so powerful, that you should only use this method of flirting with someone you feel very secure with, or who feels the same way about you.

This method of flirting can actually be used in the work place, and college. College, especially on a work related environment, can be a great place to find someone who has a mutual interest in you. Most of the time college will provide theselittle-knownflirting sources and allow people to make it a habit to flirt with each other, which not only increases their chances of getting to know each other, but increases the chances of flirting by the other person.

Woman Body Language

When a woman is flirting with you, she may use certain body language to give you the signal. Below are some non-verbal gestures and behaviors of women that may help you judge when a woman is interested in you.

It’s really not that hard to recognize a woman who has a thing for you, but it might be hard to tell when your man is giving you the eye. Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on in the mind of your suitor? The following is some non-verbal gestures and behaviors of women that can help you judge when a woman is interested in you.

Flirting Styles

Here is an overview of the most common flirting styles and behaviors. Im not going to give you a step by step guide on how to flirt because it’s way to complicated for that. Instead i’ve listed some indicators which will help you know when a girl (or women) is interested in you.

In the dating world, there is an unwritten rule that men should initiate, while women should reciprocate. When it happens in reverse, the man is often left confused as to what the intentions are. The reason for this is not because men are unskilled or inept at reading body language, but rather because flirting involves two people.

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