When it comes to finding the right running clothes, it is important to understand an item like the compression shorts when you go shopping. Compression shorts are designed to fit tightly against the skin for that ultimate in compression, yet are not bulky in most cases. They are made for a quick and efficient move, yet can be close fitting as well.

Compression Shorts

There are two main types of compression shorts, and several places to look for them. They are popular since they offer a quick, efficient move, but also are often quite pricey since they are close fitting and can be pricey. However, when you have the money for a pair, they are definitely worth the money. They work by holding your hips down while you run. It stabilizes your core as well just where the hip flexors and scapular muscles are.

There is also the athletic compression short. Such shorts really help by compressing the leg. They start just below the mid-thigh and go right down to the ankles. They are a very similar item to the compression shorts above, except they don’t come with the added padding to protect your hip or tailbone. Such shorts are best paired with jock shorts, otherwise such shorts can be cut below the boy’s locker.

Why does all of this matter? Well if you cheat by wearing the wrong type of clothing, you will have a difficult time running efficiently because your muscles will be tense. Tight muscles tire you out fast, so you have to learn to run properly if you want to stay fresh throughout the race or event.


The two primary landmarks to look for when off-roading are the shoulders and knees. These areas have to match those found on a person. In other words if you have to look in the direction of the trail, then you want to look on the road in front of you.

If you can find a pair of biking shorts that hug the thigh, then you are well on your way to fine-tuning your off-road performance. Keep in mind that compression shorts are not designed to allow flexibility, so you don’t want clothing that squeezes you unnecessarily. The running version of the compression gear also hug the thigh well, so you can get away with wearing baggy shorts when running.

Also, the type of shorts you decide to buy is important, too. If you are just looking to have something to wear for underbody warm-ups, you are probably fine wearing a compression short. However, these items are not designed to be worn during long runs or long endurance events, so you may want to invest in a better shorts for that purpose. You can also take the time to try on the shorts prior to purchase.

Tips for buying the right shorts

Choose the style of shorts you want based on the terrain you will be dealing with. If you are going to be off-road, such as through hiking trails, you want a short that is specifically designed for such terrain.

Off-road shorts come with a padded cup, so this will cushion you when you hit roots, rocks, etc. Choose a pair of shorts with traction to help you when you are trekking through grass, mud, and some pretty nasty terrain.

Choose a reputable brand that sells compression shorts

There are many great compression shorts out there, but the ones that are the most popular are often the ones that do what they say they will. So, do the product reviews, read the user reviews, and investigate what the shorts really are capable of. Then you can really make an educated decision.

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