So you want to get more women like you! Right? Let me tell you right now that you are about to find out how to get girls to like you. That does not sound very sexy, my friend, it just sounds like common sense.

You are about to learn a couple of dating techniques that will get you the girl. Getting a girl to like you is not the same as using a technique, it’s actually using a logical and scientific approach.

Anytime, and I do mean ANY time, you are trying to get girls to like you, you are doing what is known as an IM Duff.

Don’t get me wrong, some guys can run around like a cute girly boy and still get the girl. But they are not alone; that’s why they always end up settling for less than enviable of guys. enviable, not only for them, but for everyone that doesn’t know this seduction secrets.

How to get girls to like you that actually work

If you want to really get the girl. It doesn’t matter what you look like, or what car you drive or what kind of job you have, if you’ve got it, don’t let any of these things stop you.

What’s your baggage? – Take it by the handful, don’t dilute it. Nobody should have more than that. If you are a person that has bad experiences in previous relationships it’s time to flush that and expect nothing less than the best.

That being said, if you have nothing to hide; no reason to be ashamed of who you are; no reason to be defensive, calm down your Muse by all means, but don’t let it all go to waste because no one will notice except you.

Get to know what makes her tick – You can learn all you want about a person, or all you learn about a person, but when you know what makes her tick it makes getting her to like you even easier, because you can work around her mental blocks and game it like you are built to know how to get girls to like you because you have a plan for getting to know her better, and anticipating her wants, needs, and desires.

It’s just like a game of pitch, you are about to learn how to get girls to like you.

Be yourself

Just be down with it and be confident. Dating and being a person that has an ego can get annoying, but you got to just realize that it’s part and parcel in a relationship, and all relationships must have some tough moments, you got to be real and identify that your number one goal is to just be yourself… no matter what your gender is.

pectation -pectasion is like a road map, you got to follow it… Put your best foot forward, be grounded, illogical and true to yourself, but most of all: be your own man.


You got to make the first move and learn how to be spontaneous. Flirting is a sign that you’ve either got it go, or you know that she is not into you, so keep it light and get to know her as friends before taking it to the next level, flirting is not related to begging, groveling, or being luxurious in your company.

Relationship assertiveness

It’s a total egoEMBER, if you’ve bit by bit built your self confidence and remember that your number one goal is getting to know her as an individual and see letting her be the person that she wants too, but also be willing to if she asks that you not come to meet her friends that you have established from circuit, this is one of the signs that you really want to get a girlfriend.

Don’t rush things

All good things take time. When you are just getting to know someone, even if you really like them and catch their eye, don’t expect that things can become too serious too fast.

Respect your space

You don’t need to be joined at the hip, all good relationships are built on models of each other’s independence. Don’t be too needy; taking things slowly as you go further in a relationship is the right thing.

Honor yourself and others -Treat others with respect – especially those that you are empatically related to like family, friends, ex, co-workers, etc… It comes naturally as well.

Take good care of yourself

You are looking for something that you are willing to invest in, so take good care of yourself fit, healthy, andTip -not toiletMake yourself the bestof yourself wherever you go, and even drink up. Avoid dishonesty, it just gets in the way of everything.

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