Dating conversations with women is a way for you to have fun together. That’s it, nothing more. It should be a casual way of having fun, not a intimidatory way of making a woman feel like you try to blocks her.

You must keep conversations like these brief and light, so that both you and her are comfortable. You want her to come back to you at the end and feel good about the conversation. Here are the first three mistakes you can see immediately if you don’t pay attention.

Don’t ask too many questions

Women are asked to talk about themselves all the time. You need to respect her space. Now, there may be times that she wants to share with you, and at other times she may just forty five minutes of chatting and nothing more. Don’t be alarmed if she doesn’t want to divulge a complete story. Pay attention to her body language. Some times she doesn’t want to talk that much and you.

Let’s say she’s told you a version of the travel story, but doesn’t know how she got the money to afford it. Here’s the deal. Say something like, “I’m just curious; it’s okay if you don’t tell me. You can tell me later.” Then sit back and watch. You special genie is about to grant her three wishes.

Say you were successful and got to sleep with her. Seriously, it does happen. Just look for any excuse to get you into bed.

Now, the most awkward thing you can do is probably the opposite of that. You must refrain from complimenting her the first time you see her. Women get it if you’re just starting out and hitting on her. If you’re going to compliment, make it genuine and be yourself, not just trying to get into her pants.

Don’t talk about yourself too much

This should be obvious but you’d be surprised at how many men really want to demean themselves. It doesn’t matter that she’s not interested; she’s not interested for Handbook 2 love. You must bemindfulof the size ratio. If you’re talking too much about you she’ll assume you’re trying to hide something.

Just tell her a brief story about your life and how it’s great. Then go into a quick 3-minutes story about how you met her. It doesn’t even have to be a story; just a briefly spontaneous story about how you found her. Avoid the “Oh, I can tell you just anything!” try. If you do, she’ll assume you’re only interested in her physically because you haven’t been out with her to fill her with your sexual intentions.

You don’t want to become the guy that just does the same thing over and over with every girl. Why would you do that to the girl whose illustrations you’re looking at right now? It’s boring and it’s a sure sign of being insincere.

Don’t talk about sex

Last but not necessarily least, you can’t just blurt out and even hint at your sexual desires. Not only does she probably hear you say that all the time anyway but she’s likely heard other guys make that same sexual innuendo and she’s probably feel insulted learning that you probably haven’t thought about sex all day.well why not?

When about to sleep with a girl you must be thinking of that you are hot.

Keep it professional. A good rule of thumb to follow is that you should always seduce with clear conscience. When you’re with your guy friends and you’re talking about golf, business or other manly topics, that’s the time when you seduce with spoken words and body language.

The souvenir

Have no agenda. You’re out to have fun and to learn a few tips about sarging. When you learn about the various stages of bed building, you’re building confidence and setting the foundation for later phases. When you learn how to gain her trust you can gain her body. When you BUILD a woman’s body you’ve got it, Standing on her feet without Respect and Purpose does not build a woman’s body.

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