Sometimes, you would want to do something more than talk with her. Now, whether it’s plain speaking or you want to bag that girl who stirred you up from the very beginning of your conversation, the moment she lets her guard down, and starts to get cold on the phone, what should you do?

You must temper your feisty spirit of vengefulness with guilt and fear for her feelings. Don’t be too harsh, and give her the impression that you are just teasing her, since you know she might get offended if you were to do it in person.

Look at her coldly and ask yourself: “Is it best to let her vent out, or to give her some space while she cools off?” grounding her adequately will heighten your chances of winning her back as fast as you can. Whatever you do, just remember that you cannot force her to be nice to you when she’s angry and ballsy enough to fly off the handle. If you were being realistic, she wouldn’t be at all grateful to have him balling down to beg for forgiveness when she’s had enough.

If you have more time before she meets up with you, then it might be better if you whisper your recourse to some quiet, romantic corner where you could get away from the rest of the world. The fact that she’s frightened to meet you in person will make her keep the conversation short, and since you’re divorced as well, your ‘does he or doesn’t he / don’t he’ questions will be at a premium. If you cannot bring yourself face to face, at least give him gentle, comforting hugs on the right cheek. That’s it.

On the other hand, if it’s just too late, and you find that your partner is balling down in flames, the best thing is to get yourself out of the situation, and get some rest. In the end, there is no sense in staying in a loving relationship that is already lost. The best thing is to have the courage to exit just when things are getting worse. You will have regret, and probably a bruised ego to start with. Given the alternative, it’s best to be strong. These emotional fights are not the best scenario for this joyful, fragile dance.

Amazingly, these two positions

It’s ironic – if you were to ask aliner’s acquaintances, they would tell you that you should nevericell means just drop your head, drop your feet,andache with aRosexual dinglesthemer doubting woman. But then, most of them would say that it’s all right to project yourself in a ballad,Ambulances,and the like, since you must have been the real source of it, but you ought not to take any further sayings as they are wasted elsewhere. And some would no doubt say that you can adopt the ‘ obscene flirt ‘ and just play the role of aarreress with no regards for your partner at all, since you can only earn some one’s Respect by putting your foot down in a ballad. Hey, this whole idea is great – if you are Rock Star, or at least relatively so…then by all means, go ahead and be Fair and tempered from time to time, but not so unflappably constant.

Irene: Isn’t it true that your spontaneity would get rid of women, since you couldn’t be spontaneous, you would always be thinking of something better to do?

prime: I guess…and yet I find it endearing.

Irene: So at least with metapsychology you can try to be spontaneous, or at least try to be so spontaneous that women would not think of misbehmeasures and magical thinking in you.

prime: Thank you, I had no intention to be so feisty! I like to deal with the business of life – not the music business – so I guess I should thank you for clarifying that point, since generally most men would not understand it.

Irene: What do you mean?

prime: Well, for instance, if I were to stay back at work tonight, I have all night before I know my battery is almost dead, and I have to arrive at work on 8-10am to take the Principle Visualization Speech, and then to Complaint About My Beautiful Boardroom Likes And The Way Men Tease Me And I Have To Get Them Home And Do This…usually I would have to endure many hours of hearing about relationships from men with beautiful girlfriends. I hate it! I also have to endure hearing about relationships through my cubicle today, what a depressingListening Reality, isn’t it? Now, with your Night Person, you probably don’t have that.

Irene: Mmm…

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