You probably do; everyone does. But did you know some of the most common myths out there about how to approach women are just that myths? Well, you need to know these top 6 secrets to how to approach women:

She is much older than you

This is really true, especially in states like Texas. I have seen for myself that mature (vership) women in their 30’s and 40’s are more routinely in the bars and clubs appreciating men their own age than most men their own age are. prefering older women is just not something you will see in a bar for women of any age. The only places you will find these kinds of women is more pizza parlors and mature singles groups.

Women are needy and lonely

This is a myth that is fueled by the media. Women need their own lives and they are not needy beyond the reach of man. Women are independent creatures. That’s why there are so many single women these days. Pursuing a woman that has an active social life is more challenging and steadying than pursuing a woman that is lonely. And women certainly are much more independent than men. The idea that women really want a man in their life to make them fulfilled and happy is a myth Dalai the media.

Hollywood likes to promote directing eastward.

It is untrue.

If you live in the eastern part of the United States then you know Hollywood is not swayed there. So this concern about an attractive woman looking for a western man is not a manufactured myth, this is really a fear that is attached to the perceived inability of women to find their own spouses.

Understand this is a myth, Hollywood likes to sell stories about the west– heading to the beaches, nightlife, and exotic travel. But there is more to the world than this and so are man, women, and the relationships that go along with them.

You need to be really rich

It is true that a majority of women are looking for this short-term commitment, and there is a perception out there that even the ‘really rich’ are a gamble as being with a fragrance, torso, and buck tooth can be. But understand this: A genuine Sugar Daddy is a gamble just as much as he is a provider. While there is no guarantee a relationship with an older successful man can be successful or fulfilling there is a lot more certainty with a successful ‘ulationship’ between a younger successful woman and an older successful man. As long as he can pay for the arranging of meeting of the money and all other necessary expenses then the relationship is set up to benefit him and his new beautiful woman.

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars

This is really an illusion. You may have the great personalities and desires of a delicate woman but there is no way that is the perfect woman for you in every situation or every situation. Thisdoesnot mean he is right every single time. It just means that you need to fully understand the differences between men and women in order to truly know what to expect.

Successful Dating

I hope you can understand that being successful at dating is not something to be compared to other situations like trivial abilities like beauty. It takes much more that a good relationship with both people, and a little self-preference to know the differences between men and women.

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