Fiverr has become in its own right one of the leading platforms to offer and find freelance work for professionals and companies that want to offer or find services performed remotely by talents specialized in their tasks.

The new decade has been accompanied by a paradigm shift, especially in the workplace. Many years ago it was truly incredible to think that so many trades could be executed without attending an office.

But currently working from home or hiring specific services may be feasible, thanks to the remote work platforms that exist and the advances in technology that make it possible.

By accessing the Internet, we will find a large number of portals that offer catalogs of self-employed workers, presenting their services.

This facilitates the exposure of high caliber professionals, as well as being more comfortable for recruiters to find those prospects that suit their needs.

Next we will talk a little about Fiverr, a very useful platform for professionals and companies that demand talent for their business.

Fiverr: Everything You are Looking for in a Job Portal

This web page was presented in 2010, as a way to exhibit professionals in different areas, to be captured by companies or clients. Nowadays, Fiverr is the place to get high-quality work done at ridiculously low prices. Use Fiverr to find freelance services for all sorts of projects and tasks, from logo design and marketing consulting, to programming, translation and music composition.

According to the services they are going to provide, the portal distributes the self-employed in categories. It also includes a search engine, in case the employer requires a specific job.

Fiverr is recognized around the globe as a place where freelancers sell their talents, and buyers can expand their businesses.

How does Fiverr Work?

This website supports the creation of a profile as a seller of services or a buyer.

In the case of being a freelancer, Fiverr allows you to register and organize gigs. In each of them the characteristics of the service must be described; including the duration of the execution process, the cost and the additional elements that can be added.

In the situation of being a company looking for a specific professional, Fiverr makes it easy to find the best option to develop the activity, thanks to its organization system.

But this platform has a 20% commission for each completed job for a buyer.

How Can a Professional Sell Their Services on Fiverr?

Fiverr is the leading marketplace for top of the line freelance services and for those who want to buy them.You must first create an account on the platform. This can be linked to Google, Facebook, or email.

Then write your name as a service seller on Fiverr.

From here you must take the process of creating your profile very seriously, because it is as if it were a Curriculum Vitae.

The added information should seem the most expert about your area, because this is the data that buyers are going to review. Professional and personal characteristics will be included within the Fiverr profile.

The professional data that Fiverr requests are: profession, skills, city where you studied, name of the university and the degree obtained; certificates and awards obtained, address of your website.

Among the data that you must include in your profile is: your full name, a brief description of yourself, and the skills you have to put at the service of others; a photograph and the languages ​​it dominates.

You can also link your professional social networks.

For private information (it will not be shown on the profile) you must add a phone number and email, as a form of security.

How to Create a Service that Makes Sales in Fiverr?

Having finished creating the seller profile, you must get down to work to build a product or service that attracts buyers.

First, develop a clear title, which directly expresses what you are going to do for the contractor. Then choose the categories that best suit your service, this will optimize the visibility of your account on the platform.

In addition, add a detailed description of the work, the time to perform the work, number of revisions, additional elements, and the cost for each activity. The concerts can be modified later.

From here your exposure on Fiverr will improve, and buyers will be able to access your profile and contact you to negotiate a remote job.

For a Freelancer, is Fiverr a Feasible Option?

Really yes, because it is a way to show your talents and generate income with them, working from home.

But I always tried to offer attractive service packages that make it stand out from the competition, so that I can quickly add experience to the platform.

By managing to increase sales levels on Fiverr, you can also increase the value of your work, or present more specific concert packages, which require a greater investment from buyers.

For Someone Who Wants to Start

Going into the world of self-employment, this labor market platform, is one of the best options that currently exist.

In addition to including protection for the seller, thanks to the fact that the contracting party must cancel before carrying out the work, avoiding incurring in scams.

Is it Worth Hiring a Freelancer on Fiverr?

Yes. When looking for talents within the platform, you can choose among those that best suit your requirements, and connect with them through messaging, to meet them and show them your concerns. Within the platform you will find top-level professionals who offer their freelance work services and can carry out small tasks effectively, with a limited time and at a very reasonable price.

From there you can start hiring for a single job or continue for a period of time, in case of a long job (marketing strategy, SEO, design or development of a web page, among others).

In addition to the fact that the seller can customize an offer, building it according to the demand requested by the buyer.

Does Fiverr Protect Buyers?

One way the site controls the quality of orders, and the satisfaction of buyers, is to withhold payment to freelancers for 14 days.

With the aim that the contractor can carry out an exhaustive review of the delivered order, and request modifications if the project requires it.

What are the Skills that can be Hired on Fiverr?

The labor market within this platform is quite broad, so it is an alternative to get a specific job done, or the long-term hiring of a professional.

Among the tasks that we can hire are: logo design, creation or correction of WordPress sites, SEO audits, voiceovers, social media marketing, illustration, data entry, and a large number of other jobs.

Being within Fiverr both as a buyer or as a freelancer offers benefits, including increased income for the seller or time savings for the contractor.

Both aspects are relevant, because many times it is necessary to delegate work to other professionals, in order to expand our business.

In short, the Fiverr platform is the best option thanks to sellers who have levels of excellence in their work at the best price.


Fiverr has become in its own right one of the leading platforms to offer and find freelance work for professionals and companies that want to offer or find services performed remotely by talents specialized in their tasks with a satisfactory quality.

Fiverr is the leading global platform for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to connect, create, share and sell awesome digital services online. We are committed to providing free and premium multimedia solutions and services that help people start, run and grow their businesses.

Fiverr is the leading marketplace for talented, affordable professionals.  The Fiverr platform allows anyone to search for and task the best freelancers for their project, whether you need it done yesterday or next month.

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