How comfortable are you with the notion of flirting with men? Are you afraid that you might come across as a woman who is trying to get attention? Or do you ‘play it safe’ to avoid rejection? What you really want to do is get the guy chasing after you. But how do you go about doing that? Read on and we’ll discuss some effective strategies for flirting with men.

One important factor to remember is that you must ‘stay present’. If you’re not allowing yourself to be where men are, you will never be successful in flirting with men. If you are aggressively hitting up guys in the club continually, they are going to see right through it and realize that you are in it just for fun. You will also be called a ‘desperate’ or ‘a manchic’ or whatever. Don’t allow that to happen. Be where the guys are and flirt, just play it safe at first.

Now, when it comes to flirting with men, being subtle is the way to go. Don’t just blurt out ‘I want to sleep with you’ as the very first thing that you say to him. There’s no quicker turn-off and there’s almost nothing more annoying. Try to be a little bit untidy with your conversation. This is because guys want to chase and do things right. They therefore like it when women are a little mysterious in the beginning. Don’t be too guarded with your conversation. It’s also a good idea to not give away all your private answers.

When you are flirting, it will often appear that you’re enjoying yourself no matter what you are saying or doing. But there are certain techniques that you can develop to really keep a guy’s attention. One of these techniques is called the Body Language Technique (B 404).

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B Weekly

Weekly is a term given to the points that a person will make on a double dating or one on one date. The first date is the most important.

According to Think and Grow Rich by Laughton Robbins, this week is the week to be ‘B Scouts’ (subject to change). Meaning, you are supposed to write down what you would tell someone about yourself.

You should be ready to ask dozens of questions in a rapid-fire question: What do I like to do in my spare time? Where do I like to go when I’m traveling? Do I like traveling on my own or with friends? And then maybe you can go along with the other person and tell them a brief story of something that you have done.

B scout

Showing interest and making good eye contact is essential for you to be a B Scout. Therefore, even if you a littlest bit reluctant to talk or to hold the conversation, it will still make a big difference to the other person when you have made a B Scout effort. Therefore, if you want to learn to flirt with men, flirting is a skill that you must learn.

Many people are afraid of flirting. It actually is a normal way of getting to know people. Embrace the fact that flirting is a normal part of human interaction and have a great time with it.

When you are aware of your own efforts you will be able to confide in a man. As a woman, you will have the advantage in the beginning because men are more likely to reach out to you. On the other hand, men will have toSTEP claiming your body language as their own.

So, remember that it’s OK to have fun and yes, even B scatter!

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