Despite the fact that a woman is a mature individual, she actually falls for the same sort of thrill-adventure that a guy would feel. Get her to have that adventure with you and she will be yours for life. Now, how can you do this? Well, here are the things that you should do to make your dream woman fall for you — make her think she so much trusts you and loves you at the same time. That would definitely, be a girl power situation for you.

Go out and meet more girls

More specifically, you have to go out more often and try to meet different girls who are more your type. Of course, you will need your time to get to know them, too. Remember that comfort happens when you are mingling with girls.

Be a fun-loving guy

It often happens that most good looking guys end up old and really alone (like the famous sayings, “the only way to get a girlfriend is to have a friend”). Having a lot of friends is important — you have a better chance to meet a lot of girls. Mingle and have a great time. Have a great time by indulging in a little gossip or just being a cool friend.

Don’t be too cocky

It’s an initial stage in getting your girl that things will get a little too tough on you. You have to be patient, learn to be forgiving and meet new people everyday. No assurance neither should you get cocky — that’s just downright annoying. So try to be normal, learn how to listen, forgive and just be yourself.

Be consistent

It’s a bit difficult to stay in the same spot for so long but do try to. That way, you will have a good preparation for what’s about to take place. Don’t give in to that last desperate 3400 instancesSend a text message everyday to build anticipation until she will be forced to respond. Remember, you’re the man and you always have the last say so don’t be a jerk.

Slowly build up the time

It’s alright to get connected with her from time to time. You have to keep in mind that you have to be consistent and consistent to keep her interested in you as well. Don’t skip foreplay phase, be happy to see each other everyday and everyday calls. Lavish her with romance everyday and light the way to her heart.

Confidence will be your key

If you want to make it even harder for yourself to get her, then make use of your confidence and be more positive — she will naturally be attracted to you more. Have a great attitude, believe in yourself, be positive and more secure with yourself. You bring out the best in her, believe me.

Keep her curious

Girls love to solve riddles and the faster you get involved in one she’s so curious to know the answer, the more that she will glued to you. Don’t be too cocky — that’s something women hate the most. Just keep your cool and things will run smoother. Excitement, energy and mystery are the ingredients for every successful romantic act.

Always make time for her

Damn, you are one of the busiest guys too? Yeah, that’s easy to figure out. But what you need to remember now is that it doesn’t mean that fixing something on your pick-up schedule means you have to stop taking her out, too. Keeping a woman’s interest is one of the best ways to make her yours forever. So make time for her, let her know that you care.

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