Navigating the world of inflight connectivity can often be a daunting task. With airlines offering a variety of services and pricing models, it’s crucial to know what to expect before you board. If you’re planning to fly with Spirit Airlines, you might be wondering about their inflight WiFi offerings. This comprehensive guide about Spirit Inflight WiFi aims to answer all your queries and ensure a seamless connectivity experience while you’re high above the ground.

Overview of Spirit Inflight WiFi

Spirit Airlines is a popular American ultra-low-cost carrier headquartered in Miramar, Florida. Known for its budget-friendly flight options, the airline has been making strides to enhance the flying experience for its passengers. One such enhancement is the introduction of inflight WiFi.

In keeping with Spirit’s commitment to affordability, their inflight WiFi is competitively priced to allow more passengers to stay connected during their journey. The service is currently being rolled out across Spirit’s fleet, meaning soon every passenger will have the option to browse the web, stream media, or catch up on work while flying.

How to Connect to Spirit Inflight WiFi

Connecting to Spirit’s inflight WiFi is a simple process:

  1. Enable WiFi on your device once the cabin crew gives permission to use electronic devices.
  2. Select “Spirit_WiFi” from the list of available networks.
  3. Open your web browser. It should automatically redirect you to the Spirit WiFi portal. If not, try navigating to a new webpage to trigger the redirect.
  4. Choose your desired WiFi plan and follow the prompts to complete payment.
  5. Once payment is successful, you’re connected and ready to browse!

Pricing of Spirit Inflight WiFi

Pricing for Spirit inflight WiFi is dynamic, with costs varying based on the length of the flight and the level of service chosen. However, Spirit aims to keep the service affordable, with prices typically ranging from $6.50 to $16 per flight. This cost compares favorably with other airlines offering inflight WiFi, such as American Airlines and Delta.

Quality and Speed of Spirit Inflight WiFi

Inflight WiFi typically can’t match the speed and reliability of ground-based internet, but Spirit’s service is designed to support a variety of online activities. The airline utilizes high-speed Ka-band satellite technology, offering sufficient bandwidth for browsing, social media, and email. However, passengers should be aware that high-bandwidth activities like video streaming may not always be supported.

Should You Use a VPN on Spirit Inflight WiFi?

While it’s not mandatory to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Spirit Inflight WiFi, it’s recommended for enhanced online security and privacy. A VPN encrypts your data, making it unreadable to potential snoopers. If you’re considering using a VPN, check out our top recommendations here.



Staying connected while flying has become a necessity for many travelers, and Spirit Airlines is committed to meeting that need with their inflight WiFi service. With affordable pricing and widespread availability, Spirit Inflight WiFi is a great option for those wanting to stay online while in the air. Just remember to manage your expectations regarding speed and reliability, as inflight WiFi can be impacted by various factors, including the aircraft’s location and the number of users connected. Safe travels and happy browsing!

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