Bulgarian Air Charter is a charter airline based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Established in 2000, it primarily operates charter flights to popular tourist destinations in Europe, especially to and from Bulgaria’s coastal resorts.

Operations and Fleet

The airline operates a fleet of medium-range MD-80 series aircraft. These aircraft are widely known for their reliability and suitability for short to medium-haul flights, fitting perfectly with Bulgarian Air Charter’s mission to serve the leisure market.

Official Website: A Comprehensive Portal

Bulgarian Air Charter’s official website,, serves as a vital interface between the airline and its customers. The website is designed for ease of use, with a user-friendly interface that enables customers to access essential services efficiently.

Booking Process

The website features a straightforward booking process. Customers can easily select their desired departure and arrival destinations from the dropdown menu, along with their travel dates. Once the details are filled in, customers are provided with a list of available flights, complete with detailed information on departure and arrival times, flight duration, and pricing. This transparency makes it easy for customers to choose the flight that best fits their needs and budget.

Online Check-In

The website also offers an online check-in feature. This function allows passengers to check in for their flights from the comfort of their homes, reducing the time spent at the airport. During the online check-in process, passengers can also select their seats, further enhancing their travel experience.

Frequent Flyer Program

While Bulgarian Air Charter does not offer a traditional frequent flyer program, the airline does provide regular customers with benefits such as priority booking and special offers. More information on these benefits can be found under the ‘Customer Benefits’ section of the website.

Inflight Wi-Fi and Other Amenities

At the time of writing, Bulgarian Air Charter does not provide inflight Wi-Fi. The airline focuses on delivering efficient and reliable charter flights, which often do not include additional amenities like Wi-Fi.

Finding Cheap Flights

The Bulgarian Air Charter website has a ‘Special Offers’ section, where customers can find the latest deals and promotions. Here, travellers can discover discounted flights and last-minute deals, making the dream of a budget-friendly vacation a reality.


Bulgarian Air Charter mainly operates flights to and from Bulgaria’s key tourist hotspots, such as Burgas and Varna. However, the airline also flies to numerous European cities, including:

  • Germany: Multiple cities including Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt.
  • Italy: Cities such as Rome and Milan.
  • Austria: Including Vienna.
  • Poland: Warsaw and other cities.
  • Romania: Bucharest.

While these routes are predominantly served during the summer months to cater to the tourism industry, Bulgarian Air Charter offers winter flights to ski resorts and other destinations.


Bulgarian Air Charter provides a crucial service within the Bulgarian and European leisure travel market. Its user-friendly website and customer-centric approach ensure a positive and hassle-free travel experience. While it may not offer the extensive range of amenities found in larger airlines, Bulgarian Air Charter’s commitment to efficient, reliable, and budget-friendly charter flights makes it a popular choice among holidaymakers.

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