Book Flight Pay Later, also known as Flight Flexible Booking, is a service offered by several airlines that allows travelers to book their flights without needing to pay for them upfront. Instead, travelers can choose to pay for their flights only after they have left, usually within 4 weeks. This means that travelers can book flights and lock in the best prices, while still being able to save their money in the meantime.

This service works by having travelers place a deposit when they book their flights. This deposit is generally between 5% and 15%, depending on the airline, and it is taken off the total cost of the flight. Once the traveler has finished their trip, they will have to pay the remaining balance to the airline.

Many airlines offer a Flight Flexible Booking option to give customers more flexibility when booking flights. This is especially beneficial to those who are on tight budgets since it allows them to book their flights without having to pay for them upfront. It can also be used when booking flights far in advance, ensuring customers can save if prices drop.

Flight Flexible Booking is a great way to give travelers more freedom when booking their flights. It allows them to book trips without having to worry about paying upfront, and can help them find the best deals.

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