Spirit in Oakland Airport Terminal is a unique concept that features a large mural designed by muralist and local Bay Area artist Nima Saber. This vibrant, 50-feet-tall mural is located at the Oakland International Airport terminal, and is quickly becoming one of the area´s most iconic landmarks. It serves as an important reminder to travelers that Oakland is on the rise, a city full of unique soul, art, and culture.

Design Elements

The mural depicts a powerful view of Oakland, from its diverse people and thriving street culture to its vibrant music and visual arts scenes. Saber has utilized a variety of elements to represent the city: marching figures in silhouette, wildflowers in bloom, and a night sky full of stars. The artwork also features a black-and-white palette, with only touches of vibrant red and yellow.

Mural Meaning

The mural is a celebration of Oakland´s spirit and resilience. It encourages visitors to take a moment to appreciate the city, its people, and all that makes Oakland unique. It serves as a reminder that in a place of uniformity, Oakland stands out – diverse, resilient, and overflowing with art and culture.


The Spirit in Oakland Airport Terminal mural has become a symbol of hope and pride for Oaklanders. It provides a reminder to travelers and locals alike that Oakland is a city full of opportunity and potential. Moreover, it serves as a reminder of the power of art -90,000 travelers have the chance to view the mural every day, and it provides an immediate and enduring reminder of the immense creativity and vibrancy of the Bay Area.

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