What is the Safest Airline World?

The Safest Airline World, known as SAW, is a rating system that provides an overall assessment of airline safety levels. It uses an independent panel of aviation experts who review hundreds of data points such as track record, pilot experience, fleet age, and aircraft maintenance. They then rate the airline on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the least safe and 10 being the most safe. The rating is updated regularly and provides a snapshot of the overall safety levels for each airline.

Why Use SAW?

SAW is designed to help travelers make informed decisions when it comes to air travel. Not all airlines are created equal and SAW helps them identify which ones are operating at the highest safety levels. It can also give airlines a goal to strive for, encouraging them to improve their safety practices in order to get a higher rating.

Components of SAW

SAW is composed of several different factors that are taken into account when rating an airline. These include the airline’s track record of accidents, incidents and onboard casualties, pilot experience and qualifications, fleet age, aircraft maintenance, and aviation safety technology. All of these factors are weighted according to their importance and the overall score is then calculated.

Benefits of SAW

The main benefit of SAW is that it gives travelers a fast and easy way to compare the overall safety of different airlines. Many travelers are concerned about air travel safety, and this system helps to ease those worries by providing a more objective assessment than airline advertising or consumer reviews. It also encourages airlines to strive for higher safety standards, thus helping to improve the global aviation industry.

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