Basketball ball handling skills are essential for a player to play good defense. If you make poor defense, it results in your team facing easy offense. Effective ball handling allows a player to take good control of the game. Good ball handling allows a player to create ways for his team to get easy baskets. WOverall, great ball handling allows a player to get open for shots and passes.

Which are the ball handling skills in basketball?

The ball handling skills in Basketball include dribbling, passing and decision-making. Dribble is the most basic skill any basketball player must master. It can be practiced alone and is separate from the other ball skills on the court. Ball handling, however, involves knowledge of the game and integrates dribbling, passing and decision-making.

Before leaving the area of defense, the most important thing you must do is to stop opposing players. The steps you must take to be effective in defending an opponent are:

Anticipate the opponent’s move

As soon as the ball touches your hands, gauge how fast he is moving and how quickly he can change direction. Most offensive players will look to cut in one direction before they move to the other side of the court. A defender must anticipate this movement. The best way to do this is to take a lead position, close in on the opponent, and then move to the other side of the court to be in “checkmate” like in a game of chess.

Get the ball out of the arena quickly

Never allow the player with the ball to throw it around on the court. Every possession should be started and finished with the ball in front of you. A ball that is constantly on the go that is missed by a player can be caught by an opposing player. Always be aware of your man.

Position yourself between the ball and the man with the ball

You should always be aware of who the man with the ball is. Develop your ability to read the movements of your man. Develop your ability to beat them to the spot.

Slack off the ball

The amount of contact you make with the ball will vary with the speed of the ball and where it is traveling. Always be aware of where the ball is and try to decelerate your body in the instant it passes just before the final contact with the ground. This will allow you to retain your balance, readjust quickly, and ultimately make a good pass.

Look both ways when you shoot.

You cannot make a shot unless you shoot first. Practice your shooting ability until you can shoot with both feet. Practice the following:

o Everybody shoots with their right hand on the ball. Right hand on the ball.

o Never leave the floor until the ball leaves your hands.

Practice catching the ball

Practice catching the ball with your strong hand and your non-dominant hand. Always practice catching the ball with your non-dominant hand. You should avoid throwing your non-dominant hand and your body at the ball to protect it. Always protect the ball when passing or catching. This will make the ball go farther.

Learn to pass the ball

Ball handling is a skill that can be practiced alone and is separate from the other ball skills on the court. Ball handling involves knowledge of the game, dribbling, passing and decision-making.

When you are ready to pass the ball you should:

  • Grip the ball with your fingertips. Ball should be gripped firmly grabbing the fingertips.
  • Pass the ball using both hands. This will allow the ball to be passed at different angles and height for different and opposite team players.
  • Look to see where the ball is going to go.
  • Give the offensive player ample time to get the ball. When the player receives the ball, try to set him up for a pass.
  • Receive the ball and move into a passing position immediately to give the pass when you are in the passing position.

These 6 steps of passing a basketball should be practiced by all basketball players. They may seem simple at first, but once you start to implement them, you will notice an immediate difference in your passes.

Practice Basketball Dribbling

Dribbling and ball control are important aspects of basketball. Ball handling, however, is a skill that can be practiced alone and is separate from the other ball skills on the court. Advanced players should have good ball-handling skills that can help them make plays on offense and execute defensive moves. Some of these offensive moves include crossovers and behind-the-back dribbles while defensive skills include fakes to determine which direction you want your opponent to go in order to pass it by him/her or drive past him/her as well as steal the ball from him/her.

Ball Handling

Ball handling is a crucial skill in basketball that involves dribbling and control of the ball. A player’s ability to dribble gives him a chance to make plays for his team and influences how effective he is on the court. Dribbling involves more than just knowing how to dribble, however. It also involves passing, decision-making and understanding of the game. By improving your dribbling skills on a regular basis, you can make yourself a more complete basketball player by allowing you to create opportunities for others and yourself as well as giving your team more flexibility on offense and defense.

Ball handling is the single most important skill for a basketball player. The better you are at handling the ball, the better your chances of becoming a great basketball player. Ball handling drills will help improve your dribbling in basketball and increase your overall game on the court.

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