Are you a fan of Sorare, the blockchain-based fantasy soccer game, but don’t want to spend money on purchasing a rare card? Luckily, there are ways to obtain a free Sorare card and enhance your gaming experience. In this article, we will explore different methods to get your hands on a free Sorare card.

How to Get a FREE Sorare Card?

Sorare is now giving out free limited cards to new members. To claim your card, you’ll need to purchase 5 players in the Sorare Auction House. Once you’ve made these purchases, you will receive your free limited card in the mail.

How to Get a FREE Sorare Card
Join Sorare now and get a free card once you buy 5 cards.

Here are the 6+ Ways to Get a Free Sorare Card in 2023

  • Purchase 5 Players from Auction.
  • Participate in Giveaways.
  • Join Sorare Affiliate Program.
  • Participate in Tournaments.
  • Trade with Other Players.
  • Wait for a Free Card Drop.

Let’s see all of them in detail.

Method 1: Purchase 5 Players from Auction

If you are interested in getting a free and limited card, you must activate your free account by purchasing 5 players from the Sorare Auction House. Once you have done this, you will receive an email notification letting you know that your card has been added to your collection. Follow this 3 simple steps:

  1. Register Sorare
  2. Purchase 5 players in auction it can cost as low as 1$ per player.
  3. Get your free Sorare Limited Card.

Creating your Sorare Account is simple and easy, taking no more than a few minutes. However, it’s not enough to just set it up; you must claim your Sign Up Bonus as well or follow the different methods:

Method 2: Participate in Giveaways

Sorare conducts various giveaways on social media platforms like Twitter and Discord. Follow Sorare’s official account on Twitter and keep an eye out for their giveaways. They usually ask participants to retweet or tag a friend to enter the giveaway. You can also join the Sorare Discord community, where they regularly conduct exclusive giveaways for their members.

Method 3: Join Sorare’s Affiliate Program

Sorare offers an affiliate program that rewards users for referring new players to the game. By joining the program, you can earn a commission on every sale made through your unique referral link. If you refer enough new players, Sorare will reward you with a free rare card.

Method 4: Participate in Tournaments

Sorare conducts various tournaments with lucrative rewards for the winners. By participating in these tournaments, you can earn a free rare card if you perform well. Keep an eye on Sorare’s official website and social media accounts to know about upcoming tournaments.

Method 5: Trade with Other Players

Trading is a fundamental aspect of Sorare‘s gameplay. If you own a rare card that you don’t need, you can trade it with another player for a card that you want. You can join Sorare’s Discord community or other trading platforms to find potential trading partners.

Method 6: Wait for a Free Card Drop

Sorare occasionally drops free cards for its users. Keep an eye on Sorare’s official website and social media accounts to know about these free card drops. These free cards are usually of lower rarity, but they can still enhance your gaming experience.

free sorare card
Gaining a Free Sorare Card is as simple as joining but there are different ways to get it.

Sorare is the best Fantasy Football platform ever! You can play it for free and there are lots of different prizes to win. You can play online or on your mobile, so you’ll always be able to join in the fun. The rules are simple, even if you’ve never played Fantasy Football before. Every week you pick the best players from your chosen team, who will score points based on how they do in real games.

Learn how to get free Sorare cards by playing the Fantasy Football game on our platform. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about it!

There are so many different mechanics and strategies that can be used to win a Sorare competition. In this article, I’m going to focus on the main strategies, some of the tactics and team selection tips that I use in my own Sorare competitions.

How Sorare Works?

For each week of play, managers will need to select a team from the player card collection. They will need an extra goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, striker and outfielder. Players earn points based on the performance of these players in real life. Therefore, players who play regularly, are active in the winning team, make almost no mistakes and score a lot of goals, are generally valuable. Each card can only be used once during a game week, but if you have enough cards you can join multiple leagues.

How to Play Sorare

I have a lot to cover regarding the game, but to get the most out of this guide, I’m going to include it in the Sorare review section. However, setting it up is a really simple process:

  • Create your first team. Sign up for Sorare for the first time and you will receive 10 common cards immediately.
  • Enter your first team in the Rookie League. This league is reserved for new players, called Managers.
  • Build your first team. You will have to choose 5 cards in total.
  • Enter up to 4 leagues, or play for 4 weeks, and you will be promoted to New Manager. Congratulations!
  • Build your team with the Player Cards you’ve earned or trade them in for some on the Transfer Market.

One of the best features of Sorare SO5 early in the game is the amount of resources available to help you develop your skills as a Manager. Visit the Sorare website here.

There is also a Sorare Twitter account that you can follow, but I haven’t gotten much information about the game on that platform.

It’s been around for about a year, but now they’re starting to get bigger and I look forward to seeing social networking sites grow along with it.

How to Buy Players in Sorare

We know you’re a fan of playing, but not really of auctioning. That’s why we have a market where sellers can list their cards for sale, a bit like eBay’s “Buy It Now” feature. SoRare has no auctions between managers and offers a simple pricing structure to purchase manager cards. To buy from other managers, simply click the Market button and then choose the “Manager Sales” option that will show all the cards that other managers are currently selling. Then select the players you’d like to buy and they’re on their way! All prices are fixed and each listing is live for two days.

Sorare Tournaments for Fantasy Managers

SoRare Tournaments can also be called SO5 Fantasy, due to the fact that they’re based on fantasy lineups of 5 per side. However, it is not a fantasy challenge, the players chosen must perform as real-life professionals, with their performances tracked by Opta. Your lineup must include:

The SoRare tournaments can also be called SO5 Fantasy, due to the fact that they are based on fantasy lineups of 5 per side. But it is not a fantasy game, players chosen must play in real life, their performance is monitored by Opta and all the matches are classified with real-time data.

Sorare tournaments also can be called SO5 Fantasy, due to the fact that they are based on fantasy lineups of 5 players per side. However, it is not a fantasy match, the players chosen must play in real life, with performance tracked by Opta.

With SoRare tournaments you can play fantasy football competitions on a daily basis, as well as regular weekly competitions. Your team must include 5 players (1 Goalkeeper, 1 Defender, 1 Midfielder and 2 Forwards) + 1 Player Extra (Any Defender, Midfielder or Forward). The prizes are very attractive and are available for all leagues including the European Super League. And if you are new to SoRare and you worry about not having a strong team like other users… You can make the game fair for everyone by joining one of our Challenge Leagues – where the Points Table is automatically created from the current season’s results, with all teams having equal points.

If you are a new player to SoRare and are worried that your team might not be as strong as some of the existing users there is a platform to ensure it is fair for everyone and let you know how to play sorare tournaments.


Sorare is an exciting game that requires a considerable investment to own rare cards. However, with the methods mentioned above, you can obtain a rare Sorare card for free. Keep in mind that obtaining a rare card for free requires patience, dedication, and a bit of luck. By participating in Sorare’s giveaways, tournaments, and affiliate programs, and trading with other players, you can enhance your gaming experience without spending a single penny.

If you’re looking for an alternative to FPL, we think the Sorare platform is going to give you a lot of fun. If you are looking for my Sorare Review, you can find it here.The sorare game can be played on the Fantasy Football platform, and there’s some great features to enhance your experience.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to play Sorare. This platform is very similar to the FPL (Fantasy Premier League) game, so it will be easy for you to get started.

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