For many travelers today, the prospect of Air India Inflight WiFi offers a promise of seamless connectivity while flying. The ability to stay connected, work, or entertain oneself during flights has transcended beyond a luxury to a necessity. Recognizing this, Air India, India’s iconic flag carrier, provides inflight WiFi on select flights. By perfectly marrying tradition with modern technology, they have successfully elevated the passenger experience. This guide delves into the crucial aspects of Air India’s inflight WiFi, arming passengers with all they need to stay connected while soaring above the clouds.

air india inflight wifi
A plane of Air India with their travelers enjoying full-edged in-flight Wi-Fi.


Inflight Wi-Fi has transformed the flying experience, enabling passengers to stay connected even when they’re thousands of feet above the ground. Air India, the flag carrier of India, understands the importance of this connectivity for its passengers. This comprehensive guide will delve into everything you need to know about Air India inflight Wi-Fi.

Availability of Inflight Wi-Fi on Air India

Air India introduced its inflight Wi-Fi services to provide a seamless digital experience for passengers. However, it’s worth noting that, as of the time of writing, the service is available only on select flights. Before boarding, passengers are advised to check whether their specific flight offers this service.

Connecting to Air India Inflight Wi-Fi

Once onboard an Air India flight equipped with inflight Wi-Fi, you can connect your device (smartphone, laptop, or tablet) to the network by following these steps:

  1. Ensure your device is in airplane mode.
  2. Activate Wi-Fi and select the Air India inflight network.
  3. Open your web browser; it should redirect you to the inflight portal.
  4. Follow the prompts to access the Wi-Fi.


While some airlines, like JetBlue, offer free inflight Wi-Fi, Air India currently charges a fee for the service. The cost varies depending on the package selected. It’s recommended to check the latest rates on the official Air India website or directly through the inflight portal once onboard.

Speed and Reliability

While inflight Wi-Fi might not be as fast as your home network, it’s sufficient for checking emails, browsing, and using social media. Streaming might be possible but could be slower, especially on flights with many connected passengers. It’s also worth noting that the signal strength may vary during the flight, similar to what can be expected with other airlines’ services such as United Wi-Fi or Delta Wi-Fi.

Comparison to Other Airlines

In comparison to other airlines, Air India’s inflight Wi-Fi service is a significant step in enhancing the onboard experience for passengers. Airlines like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Southwest have had inflight Wi-Fi services for several years. By introducing this service, Air India aligns itself with these international carriers in providing a value-added service to its passengers.


In conclusion, Air India’s inflight Wi-Fi is a welcome addition to its onboard amenities, allowing passengers to stay connected during their flight. However, passengers should check if their specific flight offers Wi-Fi services before boarding and be aware that fees apply for this service. As technology continues to advance and improve, there is a growing expectation for airlines to offer such services. Air India’s commitment to enhancing its digital connectivity demonstrates its intent to meet and exceed these passenger expectations.

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