Experience high-speed and reliable in-flight Wi-Fi with Jetblue WIFI’s Fly-Fi Connect. Elevate your entertainment options and stay connected throughout your flight with this complimentary service. Access Amazon Prime Video, SiriusXM radio, magazines, newspapers, and games on all Jetblue flights, including international ones. Learn more about Jetblue WIFI’s Fly-Fi Connect and enhance your in-flight experience today.

Jetblue has introduced a game-changing in-flight Wi-Fi service, Fly-Fi Connect. This service provides fast and free internet connectivity to passengers during their flights. Fly-Fi Connect enables passengers to stay connected and entertained throughout their flights, ensuring that their journey is as enjoyable as their destination.


Jetblue Fly-Fi Connect: Elevate Your In-Flight Entertainment

What is FLy-fi Connect?

Fly-Fi Connect is JetBlue’s in-flight Wi-Fi service that provides high-speed internet connectivity to passengers during their flight. It is available on all JetBlue flights, including international ones, and is offered as a complimentary service. With Fly-Fi Connect, passengers can stream their favorite movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, listen to SiriusXM radio, read magazines and newspapers, and play games on their personal devices. This service allows travelers to stay connected and entertained while in the air, making their flight experience more enjoyable.


Fast and Reliable In-Flight Wi-Fi

One of the most impressive things about Fly-Fi Connect is its speed. Unlike other in-flight Wi-Fi services, which can be notoriously slow, Fly-Fi Connect is incredibly fast and reliable. This means that passengers can stream high-quality content without experiencing any buffering or delays. Jetblue uses satellite-based technology for Fly-Fi Connect, which provides a faster and more reliable connection than other in-flight Wi-Fi services that use ground-based technology.

Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

Another great feature of Fly-Fi Connect is that it is completely free for all passengers. Unlike other airlines that charge for in-flight Wi-Fi, Jetblue provides Fly-Fi Connect as a complimentary service for all passengers. This makes Jetblue a more attractive option for passengers who want to stay connected during their flights without incurring additional expenses.

Partnered with Amazon Prime

Jetblue has partnered with Amazon Prime to offer passengers access to Amazon Prime Video during their flights. This partnership allows passengers to stream Amazon Prime Video content for free on their devices using Fly-Fi Connect. This is a great perk for Amazon Prime members who want to watch their favorite shows or movies while in the air.

Additional Entertainment Options

In addition to Amazon Prime Video, Fly-Fi Connect also offers passengers access to a wide range of other entertainment options. Jetblue provides passengers with free access to SiriusXM radio, which includes over 100 channels of live sports, news, and music. Passengers can also access Fly-Fi Hub, which offers a wide range of magazines, newspapers, and games. This provides passengers with a range of options to keep them entertained during their flights.

Available on All Jetblue Flights

Fly-Fi Connect is available on all Jetblue flights, including international flights. This means that passengers can stay connected during long-haul flights and enjoy the same high-speed, reliable connectivity that they would experience on shorter flights. This makes Jetblue a great option for passengers who want to stay connected and entertained during their travels.


What is Fly-Fi, and how does it work on JetBlue flights?

Fly-Fi is JetBlue’s in-flight WiFi service, providing passengers with high-speed internet connectivity above 10,000 feet. Utilizing satellite technology, Fly-Fi enables passengers to stay connected with email, social media, streaming services, and more, directly from their personal devices. This service is powered by Thales and ViaSat, ensuring a broadband-like experience in the sky.

Is Fly-Fi available on all JetBlue flights?

Availability: Fly-Fi is available on the majority of JetBlue’s fleet. However, there may be exceptions due to aircraft type or route. It’s always a good idea to check the specific flight details for Fly-Fi availability when booking.

How can I connect to Fly-Fi during my flight?

Connection Process:

  1. Ensure your device is in airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled.
  2. Select the ‘Fly-Fi’ network from your device’s Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Open your web browser; you should be redirected to the Fly-Fi portal.
  4. Follow any on-screen instructions to connect.

Is there any cost associated with using Fly-Fi?

Cost: Basic Fly-Fi service is complimentary on all equipped flights, allowing passengers to browse, email, and use messaging apps. JetBlue also offers Fly-Fi Plus, a premium service for streaming and downloading, which may have an associated fee depending on the flight.

Can I stream video and music with Fly-Fi?

Streaming: Yes, Fly-Fi’s bandwidth supports streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. For uninterrupted streaming, consider upgrading to Fly-Fi Plus, the premium service designed for high-bandwidth applications.

Are there any limitations to what I can do with Fly-Fi?

Limitations: While Fly-Fi is robust, certain high-bandwidth activities (like some types of streaming or large downloads) may be restricted or slower during peak usage. VoIP services and certain streaming services may also be restricted to ensure a fair bandwidth distribution among all passengers.

How fast is Fly-Fi, and does it compare to home internet?

Speed: Fly-Fi offers speeds similar to home broadband in most cases, though actual speeds can vary due to factors like aircraft location, number of connected users, and satellite coverage. On average, expect speeds sufficient for browsing, streaming, and work.

Can I use Fly-Fi for the entire duration of the flight?

Usage Duration: Fly-Fi is available shortly after takeoff, once the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet, and remains accessible until the plane is about to land. There might be brief interruptions due to technical adjustments or when flying over certain restricted areas.

Is my data secure when using Fly-Fi?

Security: As with any public Wi-Fi network, it’s advisable to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when transmitting sensitive information. JetBlue takes measures to secure Fly-Fi connections, but personal VPN use is recommended for enhanced security.

Who can I contact if I have issues connecting to Fly-Fi?

Support: If you encounter any issues connecting to or using Fly-Fi, JetBlue’s flight attendants are trained to provide basic troubleshooting tips. For more technical issues, JetBlue offers a dedicated Fly-Fi support portal accessible from the Fly-Fi login page, which includes FAQs and contact information for further assistance.


In conclusion, Fly-Fi Connect is an excellent in-flight Wi-Fi service that provides passengers with fast and free internet connectivity during their flights. Its speed and reliability make it stand out from other in-flight Wi-Fi services, and its complimentary nature is a great perk for passengers who want to stay connected without incurring additional expenses. With Fly-Fi Connect, Jetblue continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing passengers with the best possible in-flight entertainment experience.


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