The rising risk of data leaks when sending highly confidential messages online has necessitated encrypted online message services. However, cybercriminals have found a way around it and made phishing websites similar to genuine ones. Therefore, you are required to be careful when choosing the platform to use when sending confidential messages online. It would be best to consider the factors below when choosing the platform. 


You must consider the platform’s credibility before typing your message. You will check the URL and ensure it’s the right one because scammers can add a syllable to it to dupe you into using it. In addition, it would be best to only use reputable platforms such as private (привнот). Doing so will eliminate the risk of using platforms with questionable credibility. You can find out about the platform’s credibility through the reviews of other users or ratings.


You should consider the platform’s security before using it. Some features to check are whether the encrypted online messaging platform uses industry-standard encryption to protect your message. You can tell this by the “s” in its URL, which will appear as HTTPS– showing that it has a Secure Socket Layer certificate. Another easy way to check security is the presence of a padlock sign on its URL. In addition, the links produced by the platform should self-destruct after the recipient reads them so that they don’t fall into the unintended hands. 

Ease of Use

Technology can be challenging for some users; therefore, the platform should be straightforward. You shouldn’t need to create an account which can be challenging when considering the complex passwords you need to secure your account. The verification process can also be difficult in some cases. Additionally, the user interface should be simple and doesn’t need to change any setting to use it. 

Privacy Policy

When choosing an encrypted online message platform, it would be best to consider the privacy policy. The policy will entail information on how the service provider handles your data and private messages. Choosing a platform with a clear policy would be best. And you should ensure that they don’t share your information with third parties for any use whatsoever. 


Most reputable private notebook service providers offer premium services. You can use its free version or premium, depending on the message you want to share or the number of recipients. However, the price should be pocket-friendly and be on a subscription basis instead of paying per message you send. It will help if you ask about the price before joining the platform to understand if it’s worth it. 

Encrypted online message platforms are a necessity created by the rise in cyber insecurity. Unfortunately, several platforms offer these services, making choosing the most suitable ones challenging. You can use the information you have read in this article to choose one that will serve you well. But should you find it overwhelming, you can opt for reputable ones like private (привнот), which are established in the industry and offer their services to individuals and corporate.

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