You’re probably wondering on how to protect your computer from viruses vs spywares. There are many causes of this stuff, but there are also some effective ways of preventing them from happening again.

If you are like me you migt be wondering on how to protect your computer from viruses and spywares, so I will try to answer your questions in as much detail as possible.

First of all what ever you wish to prevent should be your own private work, because using the Internet to connect to others or do business brings new threats to you every single day, every hour of the day.

IP Hiders and VPNs are tools to hide your Internet Protocol address, so think of it as hiding your “WHOIS” address. You can think of the link between your computer and the Internet being a little tunnel, through which anything from software downloads to insider trades can pass into your computer. The bad part is that there are people who will actually PICK A fight with you if you put the wrong link together.

Whois Lookup

Be smart! If you really want to fight them, and REALLY want to, spend an hour or so getting a WHOIS lookup, then you can fight them too. You will NEVER be 100% secure and happy with your choice.

Socks Setup

My SOCKS setup is logging all headers, and I am secure. My husband has instated a multiple link cable attaching device to my computer, which is shielding the connection. So for me, my computer is looking like a safe to work in.

I never hit reply to any email, and I always open attachments with care. I am consciously doing these things to protect my computer.

Email Protection

You may not be instateed to use these protocols, but they are common encounters for young teens and kids. You will want to make sure that your kids are safe while on the net. That is why it is important to monitor the web sites that they visit, and the e-mails that they send. You will want to make sure that you are one step ahead of them when it comes to online safety.

Activating a Firewall

One of the things that you will want to instate is a firewall on your computer. This is to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic. If you keep your computer updated and have the latest definitions for all of your browser, it will be able to make sure that your network is clear of anything that can harm it.

Instate an anti-virus program on your computer, anti-virus software will be able to make sure that your computer is safe from any viruses that may cause certain programs on your computer to malfunction. It is important to make sure that you have one of these installed, because there are actually viruses that are hidden inside of these programs, and they are able to replicate themselves, after which they can infect other computers if they are downloaded.

Anti-virus Software vs Firewalls

They are downloaded in all sorts of forms from the Internet, some of them are downloaded in the form of email attachments. It is important to make sure that you know how to utilize these programs to avoid having a virus inside of your computer.

Another safety precaution that you can instate is to set up a firewall. Firewalls are safety tools that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your computer from any source.

An Anti-virus program should be installed in your computer, not only is it going to help you protect your computer from being infected, but it is also going to help protect your computer from being liable of being infected in the first place. It is important to do research on the anti-virus programs that can be downloaded, and those that should not be downloaded.

Viruses vs Spywares

I have always wondered the same thing since I have bought my computer, so I thought why not let other people know how to protect their computers from viruses and spywares.

Computer viruses are a threat to all computers, but you can easily avoid getting infected by following some basic rules. This article will go over how to protect your computer from different viruses and spywares, including the most common ones like Trojan horses, worms and more.

Viruses and spywares are dangerous computer files that enter your system without you knowing. They can download and send information from your computer without you knowing it is happening, then you can be charged for it or have your identity stolen, which can cause problems for you. You can get rid of these viruses by installing antivirus software, but it is still important to understand how to protect yourself in the future.


Because your computer is probably infected, it is important for you to make sure that you fix all the corruption that can be done to your computer. Definitions of computer viruses get updated all the time, and you should keep your software up-to-date so that it can keep your computer safe from these malicious programs.

If you are concerned about your computer’s security, and especially if you keep personal information on your computer or have a business computer, then you might be wondering on how to protect it from malwares or viruses. This article will introduce some basic techniques that can help you prevent your computer from being infected by malware.

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