Finding good Tax Preparation Services or even getting tax preparation software is no easy task. This is especially true as, unlike other professions or business enterprises, tax preparation is not an enterprise that is protected, protected or protected by laws. There is no professional indemnity insurance. Nor are there any laws that stipulate who is right and who is wrong when it comes to claiming taxes.

This is good news for the consumer, but it really is bad news for the tax preparer, who finds himself or herself in a situation where they may be required to prepare someone’s taxes within a framework that does not adequately represent their interests.

Unfortunately the entire process of trying to find, hire and recommend good tax preparation services is a cat and mouse-paced at best and can be very prone to error. There is no federal agency whose job it is to regulate the tax preparation industry. Rather, the onus of ensuring quality control ultimately lies with each paid preparer. They must account for their mistakes.

The expected standard of competence for a tax preparer lies in their designation or degree. Most accountants, tax attorneys and other paid tax preparers must register to practice with the IRS as a Preparer. This registration process is in addition to having to take and pass a test, which will assess their knowledge and background in addition to their tax preparer designation.

This test is a multiple choice test. It asks a preparer to answer virtually every question, which may seem mildly perplexing. It covers a whole array of financial topics, including employee status, contracts, deductions for business owners, business structures and estates.

The questions may ask how to prepare a 1099 and what it means. Many of these practical, but vague, questions may during the preparation of a tax return make their client’s tax return look foolish. Getting a tax preparer to prepare a tax return that may have clown Sorce Edwards prospects may north numbing.

Furthermore, as tax laws are constantly being written, business robots, non- automation techniques and even human tax preparers are being given very high regard. Technology can be a wonderful thing and there are some clever publishers trying to use tax preparation software to help individuals prepare their taxes. However, if you hire a CPA or tax attorney to prepare your taxes, they are trained to look ahead and prepare your return with the tax laws as eventually as possible.

The greatest benefit of hiring tax preparers is that they have a developed relationship with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and are better positioned to take on new and old clients straightaway.

The greatest risk of getting it wrong is that it happens repeatedly. Because the Internal Revenue Service is concerned with the preparation of “frivolous, irrelevant, or confusing tax return information,” most individuals are getting the tax services of the most experienced for tax return preparation, with the highest probability of errors. This is one reason why you will pay more for a tax preparation that has been well prepared. Reduced reputation for arithmetic expertise often leads to a more expensive tax preparer.

It is all a matter of trust. Your tax preparer should be deemed by the Internal Revenue Service to have sufficient professional expertise to prepare your tax return.

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