Today, network storage capacity is used by more and more companies and there is a general awareness that storing data and managing the performance of systems involving thousands of users is becoming a huge burden for firms.

This is why firms today research and develop backup systems to increase the capacity of their networks. Today, networking technology is also increasing its capacity through external hard storage installations.

The INTERNET is widely used for transfer of data. Data from computers, digital spreadsheets, and electronic spreadsheets are all saved in databases, which are then accessible via a Internet connection.

Digital multimedia files and other types of files are stored in files that are located on a remote or secured site. File downloads and uploads are made using bandwidth, storage, and bandwidth is used to store information.

The INTERNET storage is scale-able, meaning that the amount of data storage can grow as well. Firms today know that they can utilize the storage capability of their online hardware by optimizing the storage of their files. They can store more data in a smaller area therefore, increasing the flow of information and making retrieving data faster and more efficient.

One example of a firm that already takes advantage of this is Adobe. While other firm’s use tape drives or CDs, Adobe utilizes a faster, more reliable data transfer solution through the use of flash memory chips. These chips are found in cameras and is one of the fastest methods of storing information.

The benefits of QUANTiX Security Gateway

• Offers depend on the network topology and the rounds of connected networks – within each wasting no time and affecting overall network performance

• Slows down online CPU by 1 to 10 percent

• Harmonic content of IT E is harmed

• Harmonic content in the network is slowed down

• Unauthorized access to any area of the network

• Unauthorized access to connected servers

• Misuse of generated resources and program counter measures

• Reduced or unauthorized remote viewing

• Faster connection established with local changer

The QUANTiX Gateway stores security updates and saves network access state. Once the user has connected their computer to the network, the gateway sends a check message to the computer. After the user gets the message, he or she is instructed to follow a link and start the update process. The connection is then made to the DELTA security gateway which will then relay the message to the computer.

This message also contains a link to download and install the update. Once the download is complete, the connection is re-established and the process starts all over again.

How to use the QUANTiX Security Gateway

The user connects to the internet via one of the modems provided by the network gateway. Once the user is connected, the gateway sends a request to the computer to check whether the user is logged on or not. If the user is not logged on, the gateway sends a message to the computer to login. Once the user is logged on, the gateway starts a race to see which user has installed the latest version of the software and which computer has been infected. Once the two computers are back in sync, the connection to the internet is re-established.

To help the user start smoothly with his/her new found machine, the network is equipped with all kinds of security features. One of the most popular features is the firewall. A firewall is crucial to the proper operation of a network as it blocks shipments of bogus packets that can be useful for intruders to attack the network.

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