In the 13th game of the 1985 kasparov – Karpov World Match, the opposite-colour bishops suggest that a draw is likely. But nevertheless the pawn at b6 seems doomed, and the white bishop is stronger than Black’s … Dos this mean that all is not clear? Black to play.


Este problema de ajedrez está extraído del el libro el arte de la defensa de Polugayevsky. Una pieza imprescindible para cualquier jugador de ajedrez que desea entrenar y progresar. This puzzle has been extracted from the excellent book The art of defence written by Lyev Polugayevsky and Iakov Damsky

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  1. This is my first stop through. I like you chess blog.

    For the puzzle, Qd8 saves the queen and pawn. I don’t see any tactics that would win the day or even force the draw for Black. I’m sure you’ll reveal those soon!

    «Las mujeres tienen un 11% más de neuronas» es interesante. La teoría debe explicar mucho. El artículo dijo que la cientifica es lista y ha estudiado en Harvard.

  2. I shouldn’t try to solve chess puzzles right after waking up! The b6-pawn is double-attacked, so it will fall either way. Instead of vainly trying to defend it, Black should counter-attack against White’s e2-pawn. 1…Qh6 2.Qxh6 gxh6 3.Bxb6 Bxe2.

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