It’s seems like many people is simply buying iphones to unlock them and then rebuy it. Here it is a russian demonstration on how to do that 😉

Once again, russians are over the top on technologies. Bliat!

Investment bank Piper Jaffray analysts have indicated that as many at 10% of iPhones sold during the month of September were purchased with the intention of being unlocked and resold. Analyst Gene Munster has taken into account the number of iPhone, iPod and Mac sales in Apple stores across the country, and noted that “many” customers were buying the max of 5 iPhones per store visit.

The assumption here is that the phones are being resold as unlocked devices, which is something Apple doesn’t like to hear, and has been adamant about stopping. Munster did note that the recent release of iPhone software version 1.1.1 has rendered most of the unlocked phones inoperable. While Munster’s study has a lot of wiggle room for statistical interpretation, and is still a third-party study based on several assumptions, it’s clear that iPhones are being unlocked at a rate high enough to piss Steve Jobs off.

Will Apple ever allow iPhones to be unlocked and used on other networks? It doesn’t look like it. Apple’s becoming more tyrannical with the limitations on how your iPhone can be used, and many consumers are voicing their disdain for the increased controlling measures Apple’s taking with the handheld. One woman has even gone so far as to sue Apple for what amounts to bad marketing of the iPhone, in her opinion.

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