2015-09-06 Round 13 GM Nepomniachtchi Ian – GM Andreikin Dmitry 2766 Moscow chess blitz championship . 2015-09-06 Moscow chess blitz championship Open Championship of Moscow Blitz – blitz chess – was held in gipermolle «Gorbushkin yard» on Sunday, September 6th. In major tournaments – men’s and women – fight for the victory were more than 30 grandmasters – the leading players of the country.

The winner of the main event came the representative of the Russian national team, champion of the 2010 European Yang Forgetful. In 19 rounds, he scored 14.5 points. Silver medalist became the champion of Russia in 2012, Dmitry Andreykin – 14 points. «Bronze» went to Boris Savchenko – 13.

  • This tournament has a long history – the president of Moscow Chess Federation Vladimir Palikhata. – It won such legendary players like Mikhail Tal, Vassily Smyslov, Yuri Auerbach, Eugene Vasiukov and strongest grandmasters in recent years: Garry Kasparov, Alexander Grischuk, Alexander Morozevich, Sergey Karjakin. Without exception, all capital players strive to reach the final of the championship, win it, and thus enter into the history of chess in Moscow – said Palikhata.

Note that in the framework of the friendly tournament championship held among journalists and guests of honor. The victory it won 9-year-old Ilya Makoveev – ward bookmaker company «League Betting», highlighting the young athlete grant to improve their skills.

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