If I sprinkle my conversations with references to Second Life or YouTube or User Generated Content (UGC, to those in the know), then I can roll with the big boys. So Digg this and Del.icio.us that. Facebook my Engadget you TechCruncher! Fark my Valleywag. As we approach the Web 2.0 Summit in less than two weeks, knowing these useful signs of overload will be extremely useful.

  1. You make popcorn before you and your office mates watch YouTube Harry Potter episodes during lunch.
  2. You use the words Skype, Google (NSDQ: GOOG), and Friend as verbs, typically followed by the word «me.»
  3. You think the iPhone is a paradigm shift.
  4. You use the phrase paradigm shift. Or Sea Change.
  5. You don’t write to your family — you make them link to your blog.
  6. Or you turn your successful blog into a pimp-fest for all of your friends.
  7. You have a Zune . . . just because it will be worth something one day, even if it isn’t worth a damn right now.
  8. It’s not enough to have voice over IP. It’s not enough to have a cell phone. You need to have voice over IP on your cell phone.
  9. You are a grown adult, and you wake up realizing you just dreamed in Avatar. Worse, your avatar dreams in real life.
  10. Speaking of dreams, the bottom of this page, where it encourages you to «share this article,» doesn’t really cause you any alarm at all! StumbleUpon? Furl? Ma.gnolia? Newsvine? Can I please get a «select all» button?

And then you realize that somewhere in this Web 2.0 avalanche, there just may be some substance after all.

Posted by fnelson, Oct 4, 2007 06:15 PMq.

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