Lichess is one of the best places to play and learn chess online for free. Play on-live or just watch others play in real-time. Meet new friends and want to learn from them? Chances are they will show you on lichess. Want someone to help you reach your desired level? We have a whole community of users who love helping others improve their chess game.

Lichess has undoubtedly become one of the biggest platforms to play chess online for free due to its ease of use and wide range of features that make the gaming experience truly amazing for all chess fans. at all levels.

How to Play Chess on Lichess

Lichess is a website for playing chess online for free and studying chess. It provides an environment for players of all levels (beginner, intermediate, or expert), where each player can interact anonymously with the other without having to register or sign up for anything. Lichess is different from most other chess websites in that it gives back to the community by running the biggest tournaments in the world and providing educational content like lessons from grandmasters, along with daily puzzles and articles about various aspects of chess.

Playing chess online has never been so easy with the boom in online chess game platforms such as Chess Tempo, Playchess from the German brand Chessbase or the chess superportal, but it seems that the free chess platform has brought the gaming experience at the highest level.

At you can easily create a chess game as a challenge by selecting the rhythm of the game and the color you want to play with. You can play bullet-rhythm, blitz, rapid and standard chess games. Bullet games are usually less than 2 minutes per player. The blitz ones from 3 minutes, the fast ones of 10 minutes or more and finally standard chess games with a pace of more than half an hour per player.

If you want to reflect on each move in detail, you can also try correspondence chess games where each player has hours or even days to make a decision about which move to make.

How to Play Chess Simults in Lichess

One of the features that I like the most in Lichess is the possibility of playing simultaneous chess games against dozens of players online with a very comfortable interface for both the assistants and the simultaneous master.

Follow me on Lichess

I plan to regularly play some games against my fans and club players on lichess so you can follow me to keep an eye out for challenges.

Module Analysis Dashboard in Lichess

My first contact with was because the analysis dashboard that allowed you to analyze your games online quickly and for free and generate a link for your game caught my attention. You can start from the starting position or add a position with code FEN to analyze it. At the end, you can generate a URL to share with your friends and continue analyzing your game together.

Remember! You learn nothing more than analyzing your own games. Use the lichess analysis board to study your openings, review your serious mistakes, and take a look at your endgame performance.

Chess Openings Explorer

Studying chess openings in Lichess is quite simple and easy and you can do it with the free opening explorer where you can select the lines you want to analyze in a tree form. As you advance in the game, master games of the highest level will appear that you can watch in a separate game or some games of higher ranked players played on the server.

Chess Tournaments at Lichess

The popularization of Lichess has been due in large part to the wide range of free chess tournaments in which you can start with all game rhythms. Every day you can play a lot of tournaments and there is an edition of the Titled Arena where only titled players play and you can find world class grandmasters online including world champion Magnus Carlsen.

On the other hand, another of the star features is the ease of organizing an online chess tournament using the features of lichess. You just need to have an account and create the tournament from the website and you will get the identifier and the tournament registration URL that you can share with the players of your club or website to participate publicly or privately if you only want them to register those people you have shared the link with.

Chess Basics

In the Chess Fundamentals section you can quickly and friendly learn the basics of chess in a basic and intelligible way. If you do not have a very high level but you feel interested in the game you can review this section, practice a little and you will see how your level of play increases considerably from knowing the rules of chess to improving your game to the maximum level in any of the three phases of the game: opening, middlegame and endgame.

Solving Chess Problems and Puzzles in Lichess

So far, everything is excellent, but Lichess also has a practically endless battery of chess problems in which you can put your tactical strength to the test, whatever your level. I love to solve a few exercises before playing a few games or just spend 10-20 minutes every day to solve chess puzzles and see what state of mind I am in.

Chess Coaches

There are many who ask me how the strength of the game in chess can be improved. Without a doubt, the best recipe is practice and daily study, but it is possible that you have reached a level where it seems that it is difficult for you to improve.

In lichess you can find a wide range of chess coaches who offer individual and group private chess classes at prices ranging from less than 10 dollars for players with international qualifications such as CM, FIDE Masters, International Chess Masters or Grandmasters of the maximum international level.

My recommendation is that if you want to improve, look for a player that suits your needs and budget and start an improvement plan to study and take your chess strength to the highest level. It is clear that there is no magic recipe to improve, but it is true that the most experienced players will know how to lead you along the way and, above all, indicate what you should study and which path you should follow to continue progressing.

Lichess Mobile App

The ultimate place to play and learn chess online, lichess is a great place to test your skills in an exciting environment. With its clean and simple design, you can easily find the last game you played or browse through the latest games and also using Lichess Application for Mobile devices.

If you want to play chess on your mobile for free, you can do it on your device by downloading the application from Google Play for Android or from the Apple Store for iOS devices. The Lichess mobile app has the following features:

  • Play chess with over 200,000 individual users daily and growing fast.
  • Play bullet, blitz, classical and correspondence chess
  • Play in the Lichess Arena tournaments.
  • Find, follow, challenge players.
  • See the statistics of your games.
  • Solve chess problems.
  • Many variants, available online and offline: Crazyhouse, Chess 960, King of the Hill, Three Tables, Anti Chess, Atomic Chess, Horde, King Racing.
  • Game analysis with local computer evaluation.
  • Analysis of the server computer with annotations of the movements and summary of the game.
  • Unlimited opening explorer.
  • Play with the computer offline.
  • In “The Board” mode to play offline with a friend.
  • Independent chess clock with multiple time settings.
  • Available in 80 languages.
  • Designed for both phones and tablets, with support for landscape mode.

All this 100% free and open source in case you dare to make your own little version of online chess server.

Download Lichess on Google Play

Download Lichess on the Apple Store

Lichess Source Code

One of the most spectacular peculiarities of Lichess is that it is an open source platform in which the entire community can contribute their grain of sand in programming to improve the system. You can make use of the application to create a mobile application or a Game server through the links.

Download Sourcecode

Lichess Alternatives

If you have an interest in improving your chess game, you’ll love Lichess. Here, players of all skill levels can enjoy playing one another online. This online chess community is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate for beginners just getting acquainted with the game, as well as advanced players looking for serious competition. If you play chess on Lichess I am sure you will love but you can also play and test several alternatives to play a chess game online or learn chess:

Sure, chess is a fun and challenging game, but what if learning to do better at it was simple, fun, and also free? That’s where lichess comes in.

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