Wizz Air is a budget airline based in Hungary that operates both domestic and international flights throughout Europe. The airline has been in operation since 2004 and is one of the leading budget carriers in Europe. As with any budget airline, there have been mixed reviews about the reliability and quality of service that Wizz Air provides.

When it comes to the reliability of Wizz Air, overall the airline has good customer reviews and is generally seen as a reliable option among budget airlines. They have been praised for their punctuality and timely departures and arrivals. They also have a good safety record and have a reputation for having attentive and knowledgeable flight crews.

Nevertheless, some customers have experienced longer-than-usual delays for flights and have been less than satisfied with the overall customer service. Furthermore, the airline is known to offer minimal in-flight amenities and has been criticized for hidden costs and limited legroom. Despite all this, many customers still prefer Wizz Air over other budget options due to its competitive prices and reliability.

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