What Are Southwest Senior Fares?

Southwest Senior Fares are discounted airline tickets offered by Southwest Airlines to senior citizens (age 65 and up). The discounted fares can be upwards of 50% off the original ticket price, making them one of the more generous airline discounts out there. Senior fares apply to both domestic and international flights, though the availability of discounted tickets can vary by destination. Discounts are not only available for the airfare portion of your trip, but also for related expenses such as hotel stays, car rental and baggage fees.

Who Is Eligible for Southwest Senior Fares?

Only individuals 65 years and up are eligible for senior fares on Southwest Airlines. A passport, driver’s license, or state-issued ID may be used to prove age eligibility. You may also provide your Social Security number (desk agents do not need to see the card). Travelers who have already purchased a full-price ticket may contact Southwest to adjust the fare.

What Is the Process for Booking a Southwest Senior Fare?

The booking process for senior fares is the same as any other ticket on Southwest Airlines. Senior fares can be found online via the airline´s website or mobile app. Senior fares become available about seven days before the flight, so be sure to keep checking the Southwest website for availability. When booking, you can select the “senior discount” box on the payment page, and the appropriate fares will be applied.

Are Southwest Senior Fares the Best Deal?

Although Southwest Senior Fares are extremely generous in terms of discounts, they may not always be the best deal. Shop around to other airlines to make sure you are getting the best price for your flight. When booking any airline ticket, try to be as flexible with your dates as possible to get the greatest discounts.


Overall, Southwest Senior Fares are a great way to save money on air travel. Senior citizens can save up to 50% on domestic and international flights, as well as on other travel related expenses. Be sure to check the Southwest website and other airlines for the best deals.

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