What are Spirit Points?

Spirit points are a non-monetary form of recognition and rewards that can be used to motivate a person and show appreciation for their efforts. Spirit points are often used in the workplace, in school, and at home. They are a way to measure and celebrate progress, successes, and accomplishments.

What is “Spirit Points for Someone Else”?

“Spirit Points for Someone Else” is a program that allows someone to give spirit points to a colleague, teammate, classmate, or loved one. When someone receives spirit points from another person, it´s a meaningful and positive way to thank or recognize them for their efforts. It´s also a great way to encourage them to continue to do their best.

How do You Give Spirit Points?

When someone is looking to give Spirit Points to someone else, they simply need to head to the Spirit Points page and select the person they are looking to thank or recognize. They can then enter in the number of points, type in a personalized message, and click or tap “Send Spirit Point”. The recipient will then receive an email notification with the details of the spirit points they have been awarded.

Are there any Benefits to Giving Spirit Points?

Giving Spirit Points is a great way to show appreciation for someone´s work and motivate them to keep striving for success. It is a meaningful way to recognize and reward someone for their efforts. It also helps build stronger relationships between people and create a sense of connection and camaraderie.

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