So, Does Delta Hire Felons

No, Delta Air Lines does not employ individuals with felony convictions. It’s important to note that Delta Air Lines conducts a thorough screening process, including a drug test, background check, and fingerprint analysis, as part of the hiring procedure. It is advised not to provide false information or attempt to deceive the company regarding any prior convictions.

Employment Policies at Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines maintains a stringent set of employment policies, one of which involves the consideration of criminal backgrounds during the hiring process. Unfortunately, individuals with felony convictions may face challenges securing employment with the airline. This policy aligns with Delta’s commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment for both employees and passengers.

Screening Process: Drug Test, Background Check, and Fingerprint Analysis

Delta Air Lines prioritizes safety and security, and as part of its comprehensive screening process, prospective employees are required to undergo a series of checks. These checks include a thorough drug test, a detailed background check, and a fingerprint analysis. The airline’s dedication to maintaining a secure and reliable operation necessitates these measures to ensure the integrity of its workforce.

Transparency is Key

Prospective employees are strongly encouraged to be transparent about their past during the hiring process. Delta Air Lines values honesty and integrity, and attempting to conceal or misrepresent past convictions is not advised. By being forthright about any previous felonies, individuals demonstrate a commitment to openness and may have the opportunity to discuss their suitability for specific roles within the company.

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