Introducing Chicken Street Tacos from Costco

Costco has long been hailed as one of the most impressive and comprehensive grocery stores available, capable of fulfilling the needs of discerning shoppers from all walks of life. In recent years, they have explored new avenues of flavor and product quality, introducing the public to some truly delectable treats. Their latest offering of Chicken Street Tacos is no exception, bringing an exciting and savory flavor to the Costco customer experience.

Cooking Chicken Street Tacos at Home

Cooking Chicken Street Tacos at home is simple, with the already-prepared ingredients making it easy to prepare without much effort. One of the major benefits of purchasing these tacos from Costco is that the fillings for the tacos are already cooked and ready, meaning the only thing left to do for home preparation is the warmth. The tacos can easily be heated up on an oven, electric stovetop, or even a microwave.

Nutritional Considerations with Chicken Street Tacos

Though the Chicken Street Tacos may be a delicious treat, it is important to keep in mind the nutritional considerations for these tacos while consuming them. These tacos contain a total of 230 calories per serving of three tacos, with some additional fat and sodium. Although this may be slightly high for some diets, these tacos are a great way to get some additional protein into the body as each serving contains 13g of protein. These tacos also provide 1g of fiber, which is relatively high for a taco.


Costco´s Chicken Street Tacos are a unique addition to the shopping experience, featuring a delicious combination of traditional street taco flavors that provide an exciting new flavor profile. These tacos come pre-made with only a few minutes of heating time needed to enjoy them. Despite the additional calories and fat found in the tacos, the elevated protein content provides an additional nutritional benefit for the consumer. Ultimately, these tacos are a great option for a tasty and convenient meal, and can even be paired with other healthier side dishes to make a perfectly balanced meal.

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