Costco Legoland Tickets – Overview

Adventure awaits with Costco Legoland tickets. These family-friendly tickets offer exclusive savings and discounts to help you explore one of the most beloved theme parks in the world, Legoland Florida. Located in Winter Haven, about 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa, Legoland is a great destination for families looking to bond and have fun while getting some education about Lego. With the variety of attractions and experiences, each visit will be different no matter if you visit once or multiple times. With a Costco Legoland ticket, you can enjoy all the attractions and experiences at a lower price with an exclusive discount.

Costco Legoland Tickets – Brick Café

For an enjoyable and convenient dining experience, be sure to check out the Brick Café. With locations in both Legoland and Legoland Beach Retreat, this café-style restaurant offers a variety of menu options that are sure to please everyone in the family. Whether you want something fast or something a bit more leisurely, the Brick Café has it all. Enjoy a delicious selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and snacks, as well as a variety of hot and cold beverages, including specialty coffees and indulgent milkshakes. With Costco Legoland tickets, you´ll have access to exclusive discounts at the Brick Café for even more savings.

Costco Legoland Tickets – Attractions

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting Legoland is the wide variety of attractions. From the Dragon Coaster and Lost Kingdom Adventure to the Lego Factory Tour and Lego Reef aquarium, there´s something to appeal to everyone. Of course, the park also offers a wide variety of traditional carnival-style rides like the swinging Flying School and a LEGO driving school. With Costco Legoland tickets, you can enjoy all of these attractions and experiences at a significantly reduced price, meaning more money is left over for souvenirs and snacks.

Costco Legoland Tickets – Legoland Beach Retreat

With Costco Legoland tickets, you´ll also have access to exclusive discounts at the Legoland Beach Retreat. This delightful and tranquil beachside retreat offers a wide range of water activities and amenities for the whole family. From guided harbor cruises to kayaking and paddle boarding, you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the blue lagoon without ever leaving the park. You can even enjoy a delicious meal at the Trout River Grill or take in some live entertainment at the poolside stage.

Costco Legoland Tickets – Savings

With Costco Legoland tickets, you can enjoy all the attractions and experiences at the park for a fraction of the cost. In addition to a generous discount on tickets, Costco also offers exclusive discounts on concessions, meals, and souvenirs. So if you want to make the most of your Legoland experience, be sure to get your tickets from Costco and enjoy all the priceless benefits of this magical place.

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