What is an Airlines Pay Flight Attendants Hotel?

An Airlines Pay Flight Attendants Hotel is a hotel that airlines have contracted with to provide discounted lodging to flight attendants. The arrangement usually involves a long-term agreement between the airline and the hotel, whereby the airline pays for a portion or a percentage of the hotel´s rates for its employees. The airline is also typically responsible for any incidentals like room service, parking or Wi-Fi access.

Why Do Airlines Pay For Flight Attendants Hotels?

Airlines pay for flight attendants hotels for two primary reasons. The first is to cover the costs associated with long layovers. For example, if a flight attendant is stuck in a city for 12 hours, it would be more cost efficient for the airline to pay for a room at a nearby hotel than to fly them back home at that time. The second reason is to provide a comfortable and safe resting place for flight attendants when traveling on layovers.

Benefits of Flight Attendants Hotels

Flight attendants hotels can be a great benefit to flight attendants for several reasons. First, staying in a hotel often gives flight attendants more flexibility to explore the area or rest up for their next flight. Second, flight attendants hotels typically provide a comfortable atmosphere with amenities like Wi-Fi, HDTVs, room service and free breakfast or snacks. Third, flight attendants hotels are often cheaper than the same quality of traditional hotel rooms.

Negatives of Flight Attendants Hotels

There are a few potential drawbacks to flight attendants hotels. First, because the airlines are the ones paying for the hotel stays, the flight attendants have limited control over where they stay and can´t always reserve specific room types. Second, some of the hotels that have been contracted are not always up to the same safety and quality standards as traditional hotels. Finally, because the airline is responsible for incidentals, flight attendants may sometimes have to pay out of pocket for any extras they might want or need during their stay.


Overall, Airlines Pay Flight Attendants Hotels can be a great benefit to flight attendants who are looking to save money while still getting a comfortable and safe night´s rest. However, it is important to be aware of the potential negatives of staying in these hotels before making a booking. With careful research and planning, flight attendants can make the most of their layover stays without sacrificing quality for price.

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