Aegean Airlines is a Greek airline that offers air travel services across the Mediterranean. As with most airlines, Aegean Airlines offers different baggage-related options that can affect the total cost of your ticket. As a customer, it is important to be familiar with their baggage system in order to ensure the most cost effective flight for your trip.

Carry-On Baggage Policies

Firstly, Aegean Airlines allows one bag in the cabin free of charge for each ticketed passenger with extra fees for additional carry-on bags. The free bag must weigh no more than 8kg and must fit within the carrier´s specified size limitations. In addition, passengers may bring one personal item, such as a laptop or a hand-bag, into the cabin for no additional cost.

Check-In Baggage Policies

For checked baggage, Aegean Airlines charges varying amounts based on the number of pieces being checked and the destination. For a 33x20x40cm suitcase with a weight of no more than 10kg, the fee is 30 Euro for the first piece, and 45 Euro for the second piece. For each additional piece, passengers are charged 10 Euro up to a maximum of 4 pieces. All checked baggage must not exceed 32kg in total weight.

Excess Baggage Fee

In addition to the standard charges for checked baggage, Aegean Airlines applies a fee for any piece that weighs more than the specified weight limit. This fee is 5 Euro per kg above the weight limit, with a maximum of 15kg over the specified limit per passenger.

Further Assistance and Fees

Aegean Airlines also offers assistance with oversized bags and bulky items for a fee, which can significantly add to the cost of your ticket. It is important to consider this when budgeting for your trip. For more information about Aegean Airlines baggage policies, refer to their website.

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