A chess puzzle is a puzzle in which knowledge of the pieces and rules of chess is used to logically solve a chess-related problem. The longstanding popularity of chess has paved the way for a rich tradition of such chess-related puzzles and composed problems, which assume a familiarity with the pieces and rules of chess, but can set different objectives than a standard game.

Some chess puzzles may derive from studies which were intended to help a student of the game learn how to seal a victory, but have since evolved into an entirely separate art.
Examples of a chess puzzle include deducing the last move played, the location of a missing piece, or whether a player has lost the right to castle. Sometimes the objective is antithetical to normal chess, such as helping (or even compelling) the opponent to checkmate one’s own king.

Here are some links of my own chess puzzles published so far:

  1. Chess Puzzle #1
  2. Chess Puzzle #2
  3. Chess Puzzle #3
  4. Chess Puzzle #4

I will be posting more chess puzzles as far as you comment and solve them.


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