Thanksgiving Traditions at Costco

A visit to Costco during the holiday season isn´t just about grabbing the essentials and stocking up on bulk items; it´s also about discovering the fun and festive holiday traditions taking place in-store. This Thanksgiving season, Costco is providing one of the staples of the holiday in a convenient package: freshly cooked whole turkeys.

Freshly Cooked Whole Turkey at Costco

While most people typically buy their turkeys frozen to prepare them at home, those looking for an easier route can now pick up a freshly cooked turkey from Costco. They’re cooked in-store and made with no preservatives. Afterward, it´s vacuum sealed, allowing for it to stay fresh and juicy up to 10 days in the refrigerator. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes to suit their needs, ranging from 9-14 pounds.

Costco members can take advantage of exclusive prices, which vary regardless of size. Non-members can also purchase the fresh turkeys at the same price, just be sure to bring your driver’s license to verify your age. Additionally, customers can order their turkey in advance online and pick up their order at the store for a hassle-free experience.

Delicious Thanksgiving Sides to Accompany Your Turkey

In addition to buying a freshly cooked turkey from Costco, the store also offers a large selection of pre-made side dishes specifically for the holiday season. These include chestnut stuffing, mashed potatoes, honey-glazed carrots, and roasted cranberry and chestnut relish. Each platter is made with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. All side dishes, like the turkey, come with special members only pricing. For non-members, you´ll find the prices are more in line with items found at other supermarkets.

Planning a Thanksgiving meal can be stressful, so grab a pre-made side from Costco to make your life a lot easier. This way, you don´t have to worry about making the pecan pie or mashed potatoes. It´s a big time and money saver for last minute Thanksgiving plans.

Feeding a Crowd? Order a Turkish-Pecan Pie Combo

Bigger families may want to consider ordering the whole turkey and pecan pie combo, available only at select Costco locations. This bundle includes a 9-14-pound frozen turkey and six-inch pecan pie. The turkey is accompanied with a gravy packet to help make dinner easier than ever. It´s a great choice for feeding a lot of mouths without breaking the bank.

The frozen turkey and pecan pie combo is available for pickup and delivery at participating locations. Members receive exclusive discounts when ordering this bundle, while non-members get the same great-tasting om meals at regular prices.

Go the Extra Mile with Fresh Whole Turkey at Costco

When it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving this year, Costco has got your back. For an easier route, grab a freshly cooked whole turkey and delicious side dishes, or go the extra mile with a frozen turkey and pecan pie combo. With a wide selection of mouthwatering meals and holiday essentials, Costco has everything you need to make the season extra special. Make your Thanksgiving dinner a breeze with fresh whole turkey at Costco this holiday season.

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