Overview of Aegean Airlines´ Food Provided

Aegean Airlines is the largest airline in Greece, and as such, takes great pride in providing its passengers with high-quality meals on its flights. The airline offers different catering services depending on the length of the flight and the type of aircraft. Meals provided by Aegean Airlines are generally prepared by a team of chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants and are served with traditional Greek hospitality. With Aegean Airlines, passengers can always expect tasty, nutrient-rich, and balanced meals.

Types of Meals Available

Aegean Airlines provides a variety of meals on its flights. For shorter flights, passengers have the choice between a snack, sandwich, or atholeg (Greek traditional food). All snacks are delivered in recyclable packages, and passengers are free to bring their own food on board. For medium and long-haul flights, passengers can enjoy a hot meal, consisting of a main course, a side, a dessert, and a side salad. Additionally, passengers can request gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan meals at least 72 hours in advance.

In-flight Drinks

High-quality wines, beers, and spirits are complimentary for passengers over the age of 18 on all flights. Coffee and tea are available throughout the flight, and each guest is given a complimentary bottle of water. Fizzy drinks are offered for sale on short-haul flights.

Snack Boxes

On certain flights, Aegean Airlines serve complimentary snack boxes instead of the regular meal. These snack boxes contain a selection of snacks and drinks such as Greek-style snacks, fresh fruit, mini sandwiches, European cookies, and beverages.


Aegean Airlines is committed to providing its passengers with savory and nutritious meals. No matter the length of the flight, passengers can always look forward to a high-quality meal prepared by experienced chefs. Aegean Airlines also offers a variety of in-flight drinks and snacks that are sure to cater to everyone’s tastes.

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