What is Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of?

Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of is an international airline alliance. It consists of three European-based airlines: Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air, and Adria Airways. The alliance is headquartered in Athens, Greece and was founded to offer customers more connections, destinations, and flight options throughout Europe. It also offers more competitive prices in the area, allowing customers to get more value for their money.

Benefits of Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of

The alliance provides customers with greater flexibility when it comes to planning their trips. With more flight connections, customers can find the most convenient and cost-effective routes for their journey. Booking a flight through Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of also means customers can earn miles on all three airlines. And because of the alliance’s coverage area, they can now travel more easily throughout Europe for their work or holidays.

Amenities And Services Provided By Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of

Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of provides its customers with a variety of amenities and services. It offers competitive fares, priority seating, special offers on airfares for members, discounts for group travel, and additional baggage allowance for customers with connecting flights. The alliance also has a wide network of lounges throughout Europe, providing passengers with comfort and convenience before their flights.

Airline Partners Of Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of

The alliance partners with other airlines in order to offer passengers more routes and flight options. The airlines that the alliance has partnered with include KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, and easyJet. This allows passengers to book flights through the Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of website and check in at their departure airport even if the flight is operated by one of the airline partners.


Alliance Aegean Airlines Part Of is a great option for travelers looking to explore destinations throughout Europe. It provides customers with convenience, flexibility, and competitive prices and services. Plus, with its wide network of lounge access, passengers can relax before their flight and enjoy the amenities provided by the alliance.

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