Avion Points, part of the RBC Rewards program offered by the Royal Bank of Canada, stand out for their flexibility and wide acceptance across various airlines. For travelers holding an Avion credit card or participating in the RBC Rewards program, the possibilities for using Avion Points to book flights are vast, thanks to the program’s airline partners and conversion options. Here’s an overview of how you can use your Avion Points for air travel and the airlines that accept them, either directly or through conversion.

Utilizing Avion Points for Air Travel

1. Book Through RBC Rewards

Avion cardholders can directly book flights through the RBC Rewards portal, which accesses a broad range of airlines worldwide. This flexibility means that virtually any airline you can find on major travel booking sites can be booked using Avion Points, from major international carriers to smaller regional airlines.

2. Airline Partnerships

While Avion Points do not directly tie to specific airlines for redemption, the program’s strength lies in its transfer partnerships, allowing members to convert Avion Points into frequent flyer miles of several leading airlines.

Convert to WestJet Dollars

Avion Points can be converted into WestJet dollars, which can be used towards WestJet flights and vacation packages. This option provides a direct route to book with one of Canada’s largest airlines.

Convert to British Airways Avios

Avion Points can also be transferred to British Airways’ Executive Club as Avios, which can then be used to book flights on British Airways and its Oneworld alliance partners, including American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas, among others.

Convert to Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

For those looking to travel to Asia or beyond, converting Avion Points to Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles offers access to flights on Cathay Pacific, as well as its partners in the Oneworld alliance.

Convert to American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

In certain promotional periods, Avion Points may be converted to American Airlines AAdvantage miles, offering another avenue to book flights on American Airlines and its partners.

3. Travel Booking Services

Avion Points can be used to book flights through RBC’s travel booking service, which includes airlines that are not directly partnered with the RBC Rewards program. This service essentially allows Avion Points to cover the cost of a ticket on virtually any airline, providing extensive flexibility.

Tips for Maximizing Avion Points

  • Plan Ahead: Availability for flights booked with points can be limited, especially during peak travel periods. Start your search early to find the best options.
  • Watch for Transfer Bonuses: RBC occasionally offers bonus points for transferring Avion Points to airline partners, which can significantly increase the value of your points.
  • Compare Redemption Rates: Before transferring points or booking through the RBC portal, compare the value you’re getting with each option. Sometimes, direct booking through RBC Rewards might offer better value than transferring points.


The RBC Avion Points program is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing travelers to book flights with a wide range of airlines across the globe. Whether you’re converting points to a partner airline’s frequent flyer program or booking directly through the RBC Rewards portal, Avion Points open up a world of travel possibilities. By leveraging partnerships and the program’s travel booking service, Avion Points can be your ticket to almost anywhere you want to go.

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