The Xbox 360 is a very popular console these days and it has a better error rating than the PlayStation 3. Microsoft says about 6% of their consoles fail with an error rating of 20%. This might be an accurate number.

How can I repair Xbox 360?

There are many problems with the console on the market. With the Xbox 360 not there was an increase of hardware failures for the first half of 2007. Many of these hardware failures are related to the cold solder joints that have lead to the xbox consoles overheating problems and will eventually lead to the 3 red lights. There are many xbox ring of death repair guides that will help you in repairing your xbox console. I highly recommend you get a red light repair guide.

Some of the xbox ring of death repair guides include the towel trick, Arctic silver thermal compound, and the toothpick trick. If you read about the towel trick, you will find that it uses a towel and then sucks the air out to cool down the unit. While it is happening the console becomes hot and the solder heats up. It becomes aoxiated which causes the solder joints to become brittle and break. This is an inherent design flaw and a costly mistake to have made. The Arctic Silver Thermal Compound doesn’t fix the root cause of the xbox ring of death. It only repairs the damaged component that is overheating. The toothpick trick is like putting a band-aid on a cut that has been bleeding. It may stop the bleed but the problem will continue. The towel trick is like putting a towel around the xbox console, directing heat away from the chips, and acting as a blanket. To summarize the towel trick, you overheat your xbox console so the solder melts and hardens the CPU. When the solder hardens it converts the heat to a Motion picture. This is misdirectional. It causes the pins on the heat sink ( which give the Motion Picture to the console and cause it to overheat ) to come loose, and the linkages ( which hold thetubelier together ) between the CPU and the GPU/CPU to come unhinged. Therefore, theoverheatingandthe freezingare caused by an electrical failure(which is due to poor solder joints), not a hardware failure(which is due to bad design and engineering).

Red Ring of Death XBox 360

The Red Ring of Death has become an infamous sign of a malfunctioning Xbox 360 since its launch. The RROD is characterized by three red lights creating a 3/4 circle around the power button. Many Xbox 360 users have had their consoles die due to the RROD.

The lack of proper cooling inside the Xbox 360 causes the main processing chip to overheat. This can cause permanent damage to the chip and can render the console unusable.

Now you can see that the cause of the xbox ring of death has more than likely something to do with design / engineering, not a problem with the product release date and overheating that Lets take a look at why the xbox 360 gets overheated.

A hardware design problem occurs when the amount of heat that is dissipated from the xbox console cannot meet the heat that is produced. consoles are designed to dissipate heat by means of heat sinks, fans, and vents. the xbox is unique in requiring optimal airflow in all areas. the xbox has failed to optimize efficient dissipation of heat and has therefore lead to the xbox ring of death.

Most, if not all, xbox ring of death errors are due to the xbox 360 overheating, unless your xbox is under strict conditions. ( meaning that it should not be overheating). One other thing you can contribute to is the use of sh rated ventilation. You could have it sitting on the floor, verse the xbox console which puts off the xbox’s maximum potential airflow.

Now lets find out about those common problems with the xbox:

  1. Two red lights, this can be RROD or one of the many errors..
  2. Wall wacking, a simple loose connection causes the wall wacking.
  3. Video output errors.. The type of cable you have determines whether the error will be video or not. If you have a high definition television, and a slow connection, you may get a video output error. For example, you get a song playing on the xbox, when you press the power button, it freezes. If you have a high definition television and a decent connection, the song will resume playing..
  4. Crashing and Gold’ing..

These are two problems that happen with the xbox console. They are common, and sometimes fatal. Some are temporary, while others can’t be fixed. They can be fixed though. Try turning it off, disconnecting and then reconnecting all of the cords. And if you give it a nice Rest, it will sometimes fix the problem. But you never know. Some will not be fixed. It will be one of those forever errors that will say “E74”. “The console has encountered a failure, system failure, or an unexpected error occurrence”.

The xbox 360 is a sturdy piece of machinery made to last. It does have a small tear rate, but it is do to very little things for the tear rate to occur. It is very frustrating to have to try so many different solutions before finding the right one. It takes a lot of time and energy to get your system running again. Changing out parts or upgrading them will cost you money!

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