Lychee Soda has a unique flavor that combines the fragrance of rose, cherry and grape; sweet, soft and juicy. A non-alcoholic lychee drink is one of my favourite drinks in summer. Nothing works better than a cold drink which is naturally sweetened with juicy lychees. Sometimes known as litchi drink, it is popular across Asia and are often served as a dessert at the end of a typical westernized Asian buffet. Lychee drinks are best paired with hot and spicy dishes too.

Lyche Soda Ingredients

Lychee drink is naturally sweetened with juicy lychees. Known as litchi drink, it is popular across Asia. It’s the sweetness of the fruit which tames the heat and the plump fruit helps to quench my thirst. That’s perhaps the reason they are widely used in German desserts.

1 Cup of Canned or Fresh Lychees

I honestly don’t know what I would do in a typically hot and humid day without my trusty bottle of lychee drink. Nothing works better than a cold drink which is naturally sweetened with juicy lychees.

2 Teaspoons Sugar That You can Omit if You Like Yours Less Sweet

While I love eating lychees, nothing works better than a cold drink which is naturally sweetened with juicy lychees. A cold glass of lychee juice on a summer day can really hit the spot.

LyxSoda water

Lychee Soda is a delightful drink I have memories of from long ago. I have fond memories of the drink from growing up and seeing my mom make it often. Today, Lychee Soda remains one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy whenever I want something refreshing and light. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just been a hard day or I’m dealing with the heat of summer — Lychee Soda is always an inviting refrigerated treat.

However, there has been a rise in production and exports from other regions such as South Africa and the Caribbean. The lychee market is expected to continue growing as more people discover the delicious taste and health benefits of this exotic fruit.

Litchi, lichi or li-chi

Lychee Soda, a Lychee soda is also called as litchi, lichi or li-chi, is a popular Asian flavored drink made with juicy lychee fruit. A serving of lychee soda is full of essential nutrients and it is refreshing and delicious. Without any added preservatives or colors, it’s an all natural drink that’s low in calories, contains low sodium and has the right amount of calcium and potassium to keep you healthy.

Lychee drink is popular across Asia

Lychee is a non-alcoholic drink made of the fruit of the lychee tree. The fruit has translucent flesh that surrounds one large seed and the said seed has a smooth tangelo orange skin and sweet flavor. There are other types of lychees unknown to many — the canned variety which have brownish skin. canned varieties of fresh fruits have been found time and time again to be inferior to their freshly harvested counterparts mainly due to their processing that removes the important nutrients from the fruits. Canned lychees, then, should never be considered as an alternative for fresh ones, despite being a lot cheaper due to mass production costs.

Lychee is a very special fruit. Lychee itself was actually named after the sweet stone fruit which is native to southern China and Vietnam. This small red-colored and delicate little tropical fruit has numerous healing properties. In fact, not only does the fruit provide us with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic capabilities but also has potent medicinal potential when administered in high-concentrations.

Lychee Refreshind Drink

Lychee juice is a very refreshing drink and many people love to drink it. It is cultivated in various regions across Asia, including China, Japan and in South East Asia. They are sold as fresh fruit or are processed into several food products. You can even savour the fresh fruit by simply biting into it. And if you’re lucky enough then you might spot an exotic white honey bee that pollinates the litchi flowers. This helps the litchi fruit grow perfectly.

Is Lychee good for health?

Lychees are good for health, in part because they have a high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins A, B, B2, C, niacin and riboflavin. Lychees are also known as the “fruit of longevity” and People often share lychee with loved ones to convey friendship and respect or lay them at the graves of ancestors who are believed to protect the living. This fruit is widely available in some parts of China during certain seasons and you can even see ladies selling them on street corners.

Tropical Fruit Lychee

The lychee is a tropical fruit from Southern China and India. It is a hollow, green exterior with juicy flesh inside with few seeds. It adheres to a white kidney-shaped seed typical of the Sapindaceae family. It belongs to the same tree as that of a longan, orchid tree, or litchi which is native to India and Thailand.

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