What is Seat Selection Not Available Aegean Airlines?

Seat Selection Not Available Aegean Airlines is a policy adopted by Aegean Airlines in order to manage capacity according to safety regulations and to ensure that the aircraft is properly loaded for safer operations. The policy is implemented by Aegean Airlines when the demand for seats exceeds the supply on a certain flight, making it necessary for the airline to allocate seats themselves.

Who Does This Affect?

This affects all passengers, regardless of ticket type, making reservations on Aegean Airlines flights. Passengers will not be allowed to select their own seat when Seat Selection Not Available Aegean Airlines policy is in effect.

How Does Seat Selection Not Available Aegean Airlines Impact the Travelers?

Seat Selection Not Available Aegean Airlines policy impacts travelers by not allowing them to select their own seat. For most passengers, this is inconvenient and can lead to discomfort during the flight. This is especially the case in longer flights, as passengers have to sit in same position for a long period of time. Additionally, there is added stress in not knowing where you´ll be sitting on the flight.

What Are the Possible Solutions to Help Passengers with the Discomfort?

Although Aegean Airlines will allocate seats for passengers on flights where Seat Selection Not Available, the company does allow passengers to upgrade their tickets to a higher-level service. This includes, business or premium cabins, where more leg room and other services are offered. This way, passengers can have a better experience and more comfort during their flight.

Moreover, as it is impossible to control when or if the seat selection policy will apply for a particular flight, it is highly recommended that passengers travelling on Aegean Airlines check-in as early as possible. Early check-in may give the airlines the opportunity to allocate a seat with more comfort to the passenger. Finally, passengers should always follow the in-flight regulations and instructions from the cabin crew to ensure a safe and pleasant flight.

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