The Basics of a Legal Age Gap in Relationships

The legal age gap between adults in relationships can often have an effect on both partners. In the United States, the standard legal age of consent is 18 for most states, but there are exceptions. For example, a 17 year-old might legally be able to date a 19 year-old, depending on the state. This age gap can lead to issues regarding the minor/adult relationship, such as legal repercussions or social bias, so it should definitely be taken seriously. However, there are some considerate ways to approach age gap relationships if both parties are legally of age.

Is It Illegal for a 17 Year Old to Date a 19 Year Old?

Although it may sound like a gray area, the answer to this question is usually a definite ‘yes’ in the US. The age of consent is the age at which a person can legally consent to sexual intercourse in the state they’re in. Depending on the state, this can range from 16 to 18. If a person is under the age of consent, their sexual partner must be of legal age as well — in the US, this means 18 or older. Therefore, a 17 year old in the US cannot date a 19 year old, as the 19 year old would legally be considered an adult.

The Legal Consequences of an Age Gap Relationship

When considering legal age gap relationships, it’s important to understand the potential legal consequences. In most states where the legal age gap is greater than three years, the adult partner can face criminal charges if the minor partner is below the legal age of consent. Depending on the severity of the case, this can result in fines, jail time, or even registry as a sex offender.

Responsible Considerations for Age Gap Relationships

Age gap relationships can be complicated, so it’s important to enter into them with full consideration for all of the potential implications. This means familiarizing yourself with the laws in your state, as well as staying aware of any unique circumstances that could further complicate the relationship.

Ultimately, it’s possible to have a legal age gap relationship, if both partners are of legal age and in agreement regarding the relationship. By understanding the legal implications and utilizing responsible communication practices, any age gap relationship can strive to be healthy and safe for both partners.

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