Ocean Delights: Costco King Crab Legs Price

Overview of Costco King Crab Legs

King Crab Legs from Costco are a popular ocean delicacy that is perfect for a variety of dishes. These succulent and juicy crab legs are harvested from cold water areas like the North Pacific and are typically sold frozen. Costco King Crab Legs are available in two sizes including regular and jumbo. Regular King Crab Legs are between 9 and 12 inches long while jumbo are between 16 and 18 inches. Purchased in 2 pound bags these crabs also come pre-cooked and snap frozen to preserve freshness.

What Makes Costco King Crab Legs Special?

Costco King Crab Legs are a great source of proteins and other nutrients. Along with being high in protein, Costco King Crab Legs are also low in fat. These crabs come from waters known for their abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, making them a lovely addition to a healthy diet. The taste of these crabs is unique because it has a slight sweetness that is unique to the King Crab variety.

In addition to being a great meal option, Costco King Crab Legs are relatively easy to cook. There are a variety of recipes available that range from boiled and served with melted butter to being added to stir fries. No matter which way these crabs are cooked, they are sure to be a delicacy that everyone will enjoy.

The Price of Costco King Crab Legs

The price of Costco King Crab Legs varies depending on the size and quantity purchased. Generally, Costco King Crab Legs are sold in two pound bags and are priced between $12 per pound and $18 per pound. As noted above, there are two sizes of Costco King Crab Legs—regular and jumbo. The jumbo King Crab Legs usually run between $17 and $18 per pound while the regular size is between $12 and $15 per pound.

Where to Find Costco King Crab Legs

Costco King Crab Legs can be found in just about every Costco location in the United States and Canada. Generally, these crab legs are found in the seafood section of the supermarket, although some locations may carry the item in the frozen food section. Because availability can fluctuate depending on the season, it is worth checking in the store or online to make sure the crabs are in stock. Additionally, customers may be able to take advantage of buying in bulk or getting discounts for buying larger quantities.

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