What is Aegean Strict Baggage?

Aegean Strict Baggage is an airline service policy that was introduced by Aegean Airlines, a Greek carrier, which specifies the restrictions and limitations applied to what can be taken on a flight. The policy includes details on the size and weight of the baggage that passengers are allowed to bring onto the aircraft, as well as other information such as the number of pieces allowed per passenger and the fees that may be charged for additional pieces.

Requirements of Aegean Strict Baggage Policy

According to the Aegean Strict Baggage policy, passengers are allowed to bring up to two pieces of hand luggage—or cabin luggage—onto their flight, as long as each piece does not exceed the maximum size and weight limit set. In addition, the total combined weight of the two pieces must not exceed eight kg. The maximum size for a single hand luggage item is 55x40x20 cm. This includes any handles, wheels, and pockets attached. Any piece that exceeds these limits will not be permitted on the flight and must be checked into the aircraft´s baggage hold.

Additional Luggage

Passengers are allowed to bring a checked bag with them onto their flight, but the size and weight of the bag must still fit within the limits set by the Aegean Strict Baggage policy. The maximum size for a checked bag is 158 cm, including any pockets, handles, and wheels. The maximum weight limit for a checked bag is 23 kg. Any additional pieces must be checked into the baggage hold, and may incur additional fees.

Carry-on Items

In addition to the two pieces of hand luggage previously mentioned, the Aegean Strict Baggage policy also allows for certain items to be brought on a flight as carry-on items. These include items such as a laptop or garment bag, as long as they are within the dimensions of 45x30x15 cm, and do not exceed 2 kg in total weight. Other items, such as a handbag or briefcase, can also be taken, but the total combined weight of both the bag and its contents must not exceed 8 kg.


The Aegean Strict Baggage policy encompasses all the restrictions and limitations that passengers must adhere to when it comes to taking items onto a flight with Aegean Airlines. This includes the size and weight limits for any hand luggage, checked bags, and carry-on items, as well as any fees for any additional pieces that require checking into the aircraft´s baggage hold. It is important to be aware of these restrictions before travelling with Aegean Airlines, in order to be sure that all items can be taken as permitted.

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