What is Aegean Airlines Rated?

Aegean Airlines Rated is an airline ratings system that assesses overall airline performance and customer satisfaction. This rating system summarises scores from multiple sources, including customer feedback, service quality and safety records. It then assigns a number rating according to these criteria, allowing customers to compare airlines against each other at a glance.

Rating Criteria

The Aegean Airlines Rated system evaluates airlines in multiple areas such as safety, service, comfort, punctuality, and baggage handling. Each of these criteria is given a score upon evaluation and these scores are then collated for a total score.


The Aegean Airlines Rated system is a useful tool for customers and businesses alike as it provides an unbiased view of the performance of airlines. The system allows customers to compare airlines, enabling them to make informed decisions. In addition, the system can help businesses identify areas to improve in order to increase their ratings.

Ratings Scale

The Aegean Airlines Rated system assigns a number rating from 1 to 5 depending on the evaluation. The higher the number, the better the airline, with a score of 5 indicating exceptional performance.


Aegean Airlines Rated is an effective system for assessing the performance of airlines. Customers and businesses alike can benefit from this comprehensive rating system that allows them to compare airlines and identify areas that need improvement.

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