FollowChess is the best web and mobile application dedicated to broadcasting the best chess tournaments in the world live. We ensure that you never miss a move!

I was lucky enough to discover this application from the beginning and a few days after installing it on my tablet I already got the premium account to be able to watch all the games without limitations.

Today you can install the mobile application on your device in three possible ways to follow the best online chess tournaments live:

  • From your browser by accessing with a simple interface from where you follow all the games at a glance.
  • With the FollowChess app for Android, which is the one I use today on my One Plus 8 and is compatible with all Android devices.
  • With the FollowChess application for iOS that you can install on your iPhone and follow all the games instantly.

FollowChess Free

A priori FollowChess is a free application but with limitations. In the free version of followchess you can follow the live games of the most important tournaments but you have some limitations, such as advertising, seeing all the games or checking the pgn history of all the games played in each tournament.

Features of FollowChess

Some of the outstanding features of the Follow Chess application are the following:

  • Follow live multimatches on a single screen with or without an Internet connection.
  • Touch the board to start the analysis module, keeping in mind that the position is updated every time a new move is made in live games.
  • Possibility of watching the streaming of the tournaments on YouTube integrated into the application.
  • Analyze the positions on the board with the best analysis modules thanks to the Analyze this app.
  • See all the games of each tournament and filter by openings and player.
  • Tournament calendar with days and game dates. You will always know when the next chess game starts at the highest level to follow.
  • Follow the games of players from your selected country in the advanced settings.

How to Analyze Chess Games in FollowChess App

You can analyze the games of all the tournaments from the followchess application on your mobile by following the instructions below:

  • You can access the analytics dashboard by double tapping on the dashboard to launch the stockfish module.
  • You can rotate the board to have the vision of white or black in perspective.
  • Play the entire game forward and backward on all moves in the game.

Follow Chess Alternatives

Although I guess Followchess is a must have app in your mobile you should try other applications depending on the aspects of your game you want to improve: opening knowledge, practical play or both endgame and tactical skills.

  • Chesstempo the best for chess puzzles to improve your skills.
  • Lichess the best to play chess online.
  • Chessable the best for chess courses at al levels

Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite chess website or app mobile in the comments section below.


Without a doubt, a great tool similar to chessbomb but with a lot of potential in its mobile applications for Android and iOS. Without a doubt, if I had to choose a single chess application to have on my mobile, I would choose followchess because it allows you to follow all the best games of the moment and have a history of tournaments with your favorite games classified by tactical themes, phases of the game or your favorite chess openings.

Create an account, select your favorite players, and follow all the live games in real time on the platform. With Followchess free iOS and Android applications, you can access all games broadcasted by our web application in an offline environment as well.

Link | FollowChess

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