Introduction to 3-Check Chess

3-Check Chess is a variant of the traditional game of chess that adds an exciting new element to the gameplay. In this version, the goal is not only to checkmate your opponent´s king but to also deliver three checks to their king. This unique twist on the classic game adds a layer of strategy and complexity, making it a favorite among chess enthusiasts.

The Strategy Behind 3-Check Chess

The primary goal of 3-Check Chess is to deliver three checks to your opponent´s king while simultaneously defending your own. This means that players must have a balance between attack and defense, making it a strategic game from the very beginning.

Another essential strategy is to control the center of the board. In traditional chess, controlling the center is crucial, but in 3-Check Chess, it is even more critical. By controlling the center, players can launch attacks from all directions, making it challenging for their opponent to defend their king.

The Rules of 3-Check Chess

3-Check Chess follows the same basic rules as traditional chess, with a few significant differences. The most significant difference is, of course, the victory condition. In traditional chess, the goal is to checkmate your opponent´s king, but in 3-Check Chess, the goal is to deliver three checks to your opponent´s king.

Additionally, in 3-Check Chess, a player must declare when they are giving a check. This means that they must say the word “check” before making their move. This rule ensures that players are aware of the checks being delivered and adds to the strategic element of the game.


3-Check Chess is an exciting variant of traditional chess that brings a new level of strategy and complexity to the game. With its unique victory condition and rules, it offers a new challenge for players looking to improve their skills and keep the game interesting. By using tactics such as fork attacks, center control, and constant defense of the king, players can achieve victory in this intense and strategic game. So why not give it a try and add 3-Check Chess to your chess repertoire? You may find yourself addicted to this exciting variant.

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