Introduction to En Prise Chess

En Prise Chess is a variation of traditional chess where the objective remains the same – to capture the opponent´s king. However, in this version, players can also capture unprotected pieces of their opponents. This adds an additional strategic element to the game, making it more challenging and exciting.

Rules of En Prise Chess

The basic rules of En Prise Chess are the same as traditional chess. The only difference lies in the capture of unprotected pieces.

2. Legal Moves – When capturing an unprotected piece, players must make a legal move. This means that the piece making the capture must follow its usual movement rules. For example, a knight can only capture pieces in an L-shape movement, a bishop can only capture pieces diagonally, and so on. This rule ensures that the game remains fair and strategic.

4. En Prise Draws – If both players have no legal moves to make, and no pieces are en prise, the game ends in a draw. This is known as an “En Prise Draw”. This rule prevents the game from dragging on for too long and ensures that players continue to make strategic moves.

Strategy in En Prise Chess

En Prise Chess requires a different approach and strategy from traditional chess. It forces players to be more cautious and attentive towards defending their pieces, as leaving any piece unprotected can result in a swift capture by the opponent.

2. Strategic Sacrifices – Sacrificing a piece is a well-known strategy in traditional chess, but it becomes even more crucial in En Prise Chess. This is because sacrificing a piece can lead to capturing an unprotected piece of the opponent. Players must evaluate the value of their own pieces and the potential gain of capturing an opponent´s piece before making any sacrifices.

Famous Games in En Prise Chess

Over the years, En Prise Chess has gained popularity and has been played by many famous chess players. One of the most famous games in En Prise Chess was played between Bobby Fischer and Pal Benko in 1963. Benko, as the inventor of En Prise Chess, had an advantage in this game and was able to successfully use the en prise rule to his advantage, ultimately winning the game.

En Prise Chess has also become popular in online platforms, where players from all around the world can compete against each other using this rule variation.


En Prise Chess adds a new element of strategy to the traditional game of chess. It forces players to think ahead, plan their moves carefully, and take advantage of their opponent´s mistakes. This variant is gaining popularity among chess enthusiasts, as it provides a different and exciting experience. With the growing technological advancements and the rise of AI, it will be interesting to see how the implementation of En Prise Chess in computer programs will influence the game in the future.

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